Friday, 1 May 2009

Life is VERY good!

Sorry, Terri, I had to sort of steal your Friday blog title!

Just a short post to say why:

Had lunch at the pub with a very very good friend of mine. The beer was called Broadside, with very good reason! (Typos should be blamed on this stuff!)

The weather is amazing!

I got a really, really good mark for my latest assignment!

It is Friday!

We have a long weekend coming up! (May Day Holiday!)

Mrs RC and I are having a day for ourselves - bike ride and picnic - probably for the first time since our eldest was born nearly 22 years ago. Wonder if we will suddenly find out that we can't stand each other and get divorced! Only joking!!

Just 3 hours of work to go!

Last night I had a phone conversation with a very good blog friend of mine - a first. It was an amazing experience, I am sure I must have come across as a beer short of a six-pack, but it was great fun. I will not include names, but if they want to own up they are more than welcome.

Have a great weekend! Back on Tuesday!


Ali said...

Broadside? That's pretty much a perfect name for a beer!

Have a wonderful time with the Mrs. this weekend - read my email, and you'll see what I mean - a VERY good time ;)

And I'm totally owning up!!!! It was me!!! I got to talk to you!!! I am a lucky duck, that's for sure...and don't worry, I'm sure we both sounded like giggly girls :D

Chief Rock Chef said...

Ali - Just read it :-) You are probably right, I hate to think what anyone would have thought if they were listening!

terri said...

You can steal that blog title any time you want. Besides, I didn't even write a Life is Good post this week.

I'm so happy things are going so well for you. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

agg79 said...

Broadside? Local brew?
I am always up to try new new things. I am currently hooked on a quasi-local brand of Shiner 100.

Glad you and the Mrs are taking the time for yourselves. Enjoy the weekend!

sid said...

Man I wish I could meet some of my blogger friends. Sadly they all live in the Northern Hemisphere.

miss minneapolis said...

22 years?!? That's way too long. I hope you had fun! I also wish we got the day off for May Day...

Michele said...

After 22 years, I would think you and the Mrs. should have some time by yourselves! Dang, Man! What have you been thinking? Treating the wife with a romantic day is awesome!

We have a local brew named Moose Drool, and another named Pigs Ass Porter. Trout Slayer is another. We have a colorful micro-brew micro-society here!