Monday, 6 April 2009

Malta Part 2

We were walking along by a stream - the nearest Malta has to a river.

The stream ran along the bottom of a gully with high (10-15 feet) stone walls along either side.

We came to a part where the stream was criss-crossing the path, causing everyone to tread very carefully to avoid too much in the way of wet feet. I was at the back of the line and stopped to look around. I had an IDEA!

Leaping across the stream, I landed on the far bank and was able to walk along it, hugging the stone wall. Others started watching to see how I got on.

The team leader, a colleague of many years, told me that I was going to end up getting wetter than the rest.

Worth a gamble, I replied!

A stand of bamboo blocked my path, so I pushed and smashed my way through.

The crowd was getting excited.

I emerged from the bamboo to see the path ahead.

There wasn't one. A sheer drop straight into a wide meander of the stream. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! Another RC short cut goes wrong!

I did dry out eventually...


jenelle said...

welcome back. glad that it was a good time (mostly). great pictures. is it a place that you would like to go back to and explore more, or did you get your fill?

Sitting In Silence said...

Welcome back...I missed your posts !
Boy that was lucky you looked, phewwwww ...xox

terri said...

Hey, at least you took the chance to explore a different route. Life's never boring around you, is it?

Chief Rock Chef said...

Jenelle - this was my 4th visit and I still want to go back again!

Sitting in Silence - Yes, a more reckless person would have fallen in.

Terri - Yes, I like that! Never boring!

Ali said...

LOL - typical Rock Chef!

Missed you lots, glad you're back :)

Teresa said...

LOL!! I can just picture it! I love that you are always willing to spice it up a bit! I think that's why we are good friends!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Ali - Yep, tyupical me! Glad to be back, thanks!

Teresa - Yeah, everyone had better watch out if we ever get to meet up!