Monday, 20 April 2009

DAMN TRAINS!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!

It has been planned for months!

I have been painting the soldiers for it for months!

In 2 weeks time I was supposed to be travelling to Hastings to meet an old Canadian wargaming friend of mine at the site of the battle, and refight that battle with my toy soldiers.

What now?

Well, the powers that be have closed the main connecting line from here to there on that day.

Journey time is now ridiculous, and the journey seems to go via Moscow!

We are now trying to rearrange it all, but it looks like refighting the Battle of Hastings at Hastings is now impossible :-(

GRRRRRR!!!!!!!! This wouldn't happen anywhere else!


James said...


I can't remember whether you drive or not John. If so you can hire a car? It's not that expensive for the odd day.

One day in the summer I was planning to come down your way if there was somewhere we could have a game?

Teresa said...

That kind of stuff ticks me off and now I'm officially ticked off for you! LOL!!!

Seriously though...bummer!!! I say do it anyway...a little extra travel time won't last in your memory but that game will!

terri said...

I'm sorry. I hope you can find some alternative transportation. It would be a shame to miss this after all that work.

Kiki said...

I agree, is there any other way??? Rideshare??? I hope it works out for you, I'll keep a good thought!!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

James - The coach would take just as long (would have to go to London first) and I don't drive either. I am sure we could arrange to meet for a game of something. Any idea of dates yet?

Teresa - We will be playing the game, but in Canterbury now. Not the same, I know...

Terri - We have moved it to a more convenient location. Shame!

Kiki - I think I have looked at everything. And it is not only our journey that was messed up, but my friend's journey is also messed up. We will just play somewhere more sensible.