Thursday, 9 April 2009


Wow, that was a nice short week! Finishing at lunchtime today, back on Tuesday!

What are we doing?

  • Major gardening (by my wife with as little involvement from me as possible).
  • Revision for my exams.
  • Trying to finish painting my Saxon and Norman soldiers - nearly there!
  • Going to a friends for a major GuitarHero session.
  • Whatever else comes up, I guess!
Should be fun, anyway!

Have a great weekend!


Wreggie said...

Back into the old groove next week. Have a great Easter.

Ali said...

Have a great weekend Rock Chef - Happy Easter :) and love to Clare and the kiddies as well.

terri said...

Have a wonderful LONG weekend! Do the guitar routine you did in Malta and you're sure to win the Guitar Hero tournament!

Jen said...

Enjoy your weekend family and friends time! See you on the flip side. Happy Eater too!

Michele said...

A long weekend after a short work-week. Nothing could be better!
I wish I could be getting my fingernails dirty in the garden, but if we even think about putting anything into the soil before mid-May we run the risk of having it die from a cold spell. We have a VERY short growing season here.
Have a great Easter weekend, and like Terri said, do your Dying Fly routine and you will be sure to win the tourny! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...