Tuesday, 14 April 2009


So, let's compare the list of plans with what happened:

Major gardening (by my wife with as little involvement from me as possible).

Hm, got a bit more involved that I had planned - hauling concrete slabs and bags of gravel around. My calves are still complaining...

Revision for my exams.

Managed to read a couple of papers, which is great!

Trying to finish painting my Saxon and Norman soldiers - nearly there!

Got my Norman knights finished, just a few elite Saxons to finish now. Photos soon!

Going to a friends for a major GuitarHero session.

This was great fun. I actually sang for the first time on this game and did rather well! I sang Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi), Everlong (Foo Fighters) and Rebel Yell (Billy Idol), scoring in the 90% plus range. It was on Easy so I didn't read too much into that, but the fact that my youngest found be frighteningly good DID do a lot for the old ego! If I had sucked he would have been the first to say so!

Whatever else comes up, I guess!

We had an Egg Hunt around the house! Mrs RC got up early and hid them all for us. It was quite surreal, really, doing this with the kids the size they are now, especially the two 15 year old boys (Number 1 Son and his friend who is staying with us for a couple of weeks) who are almost as tall as me now! I love that they are still kids at heart.

We had a BBQ yesterday, with a few friends around. This was my first time doing this with non-family around, so I was hoping to impress. The first batch of sausages (I always start with sausages) burst and oozed out of their skins, turning into a nasty mess - not a good sign - but after that everything went fine and soon we were all pigged out, adults sitting in the garden while the kids were indoors playing MarioCart on the Wii. A great way to end the weekend!

Hope you had at least as much fun as I did!


Teresa said...

I missed your last post but it endedup working out okay...LOL...sounds like a great time w/ friends and BBQ! We had tons of family and while I was tired and still recovering from our long trip...it was still very nice and nobody misbehaved themselves so that's a plus!

Jen said...

I think your weekend sounds as if it was fantastic!

I think, in the end, no matter what age, we are all kids at heart!

I really enjoy how much you do with and for your family, Rock Chef. You're a good man. Don't change.

terri said...

Sounds like a very full and fun weekend. Glad you enjoyed time with family and friends.

And ditto Jen.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Teresa - Yes, we had a great time. Glad yours turned out well too! That sounded really daunting!

Jen - Well I am certainly a kid at heart! And thanks!

Terri - It was great. And thanks too!