Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Missing the obvious...

This Sunday is the day that I was supposed to meet a friend at Hastings to play toy soldiers. Due to transport problems we moved the location to Canterbury which was easier for both of us.

Then I had to find somewhere for us to play the game.

Needed picnic bench or something similar to set up the game on.

I have spent 3 lunch hours looking. City gardens? No. Cathedral grounds? No. Anywhere else? No.

Ah, idea!

The Uni owns some gardens nearby that have benches. Chatted to security. Better clear it with people in high places or we might get thrown out when they see us on the CCTV. A lot of emails and no real guarentee that the guards will know that we are OK...


Heading back to my office.

Into the quad by the pond...

(Photo taken from the window behind our copier)

Who put those there? Isn't that the perfect spot?

When did those appear?

How did I miss them?



Ali said...

Sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest to oh so many ways :)

Teresa said...

I agree w/ Ali completely!

kenady said...

looks like a great spot to play toy soldiers!

Sitting In Silence said...

What a great veiw you have...Best of luck with the battle !

terri said...

What a beautiful courtyard! And a perfect place for the game!