Thursday, 29 May 2008

Tonight is going to be wet and wild!

The last few days, basically since Sunday, have been very wet - lots and lots of rain, with a thunder storm on Tuesday evening that was so loud it set off car alarms!

Anyway, this morning it looked pretty good - a slight haze of cloud, gentle breeze... The forecast on the TV was good, so I set off in a fleece jacket and t-shirt, quickly losing the jacket.

By lunchtime a fast drizzle had set in.

Soon after that it was clear that the weather girl had lied to me.

Her she is. Would you believe that she was capable of such a thing? No, me neither!

So here I sit, listening to the rain hammering down outside knowing that, unlike Fat Jedi Cat, I will soon have to go out and get totally soaked, having rashly left my water proofs at home.

Still, it is only water isn't it. And it is warm. And it stops when it gets to the skin, I mean, I'm not Sponge Bob Squarepants!


Terri said...

You can't trust those weather girls (or guys.) Our local meteorologists just can't seem to get the forecast right either!

kenady said...

I think all the weather people have a conspiracy to withold the real weather from the public. I mean, really? Who would do such a thing to Chief Rock Chef? This is preposterous:) Hope you didn't get too wet.

mindy said...

I dunno, Chief, she looks like a big ol' liar to me. You're just too trusting!

PS. My word verification: PBOOB


Princess of the Universe said...

Yeah, there's something shifty looking about her...

Chief Rock Chef said...

Terri - I tend to think that but they have been getting it more or less right for some time now.

Kenady - That sounds like the plot for a movie! Wet? Well my bike is now incredibly clean, let's say that much...

Mindy and Princess - Yep, maybe women are can judge other women better than men can. We are easily fooled.

Mindy - I think we will have to complain - can't have filth like that on blogger!