Wednesday, 14 May 2008

To the woman in the silver car

Did anyone ever tell you that overtaking on a BLIND CORNER is DUMB?

And yes, I was swearing at you, thank you so much for pulling along side me, on the wrong side of the road, still on the BLIND CORNER, to ask. Doing that confirmed my suspicion that you really are a "dumb £$%&"!

I must say one thing - your guardian angel must have been looking out for you this morning. If the car that appeared around the BLIND CORNER coming towards you had been travelling a smidgeon faster, both you and your stupid little silver car would both have been history!

Thank you for listening.


Terri said...

Sounds like YOUR guardian angel was looking out for you too!

I don't know what it is, but it seems that drivers, in general, are growing more and more careless. It scares me to death to know that my kids are out on the roads with these same kinds of drivers.

Rock Chef said...

I guess you are right - I did not feel threatened this morning, just angry at how dumb this woman was being.

I've got a couple of years before I have to start worrying about the kids driving again - when my eldest started talking about learning to drive we were terrified, but due to her condition she needed special tests to see if she would be capable and she was taken ill before this happened.

Letting them go is so hard!

Logziella said...

What is wrong with some people?!

I'm glad you are okay!!!!

I often wonder if the fact that everyone plays so many video games and you can do crazy stunts on them with vehicles, and that they are so lifelike these days...if it makes people more "daring" on the road...because it ALWAYS works out on the TV!!! Just a thought...

tz said...

I dislike stupid drivers! glad you are okay!

Rock Chef said...

Logzie - I think the video games might affect younger drivers, but with a lot of people I think it is just a manic rush to get from A to B as quickly as possible!

tz - Me too - to both statements!

Chachi said...

That's what you call a "Dumb Blond Corner".

Bear with me as I attempt to answer several of your blogs. I'm playing catch up.

I'm glad all turned out well w/the freezer.

You sound like quite the lumberjack. Woo hoo!

A-Team I LOVE that show. I wish I could buy them all on disc. I would watch them over and over. Love that crazy Murdock.

Fried bread....You so rock. We will now have to call you ""Chief Rock chef".
Cinn. sugar is awesome on them, I love them w/powdered sugar. Growing up my parents always made homemade bread and they would save out some for fried bread. They are many ways to make it. Any way is fine, it's the taste that matters. using them for tacos sounds awesome. I have to try this sometime.

Kiki said...

Rock Chef please take care out there...we can't have anything happening to YOU!!!! I hope you wear a helmet!!!!

Jahooni said...

Hey you...
well well well, almost getting runned over is not what I wanted to come back too! Glad you are alive and I missed you so...

Rock Chef said...

Chachi - "Dumb blond corner" - I love it! "Chief Rock Chef" - now that sounds good! I might adopt that as my full title, if you don't mind!

Kiki - Yes, I do wear a helmet - I didn't for years but I finally found one that looks reasonably sensible (like a paratrooper helmet). I just couldn't bring myself to wear something out of Flash Gordon with flames on it!

Jahooni - Hey, great to have you back!