Friday, 2 September 2011

Rabbit update

So, we are down to 4 rabbits - 2 adult females, 1 baby male and 1 baby female.

The male is due to be "done" in a couple of weeks time.  Meanwhile, Mrs RC has decided that it would be cruel to seperate Panda (the boy) from the rest of the family and is happy to risk any consequences.

This morning Panda was trying his luck with Houdini, his sister.  This is OK for rabbits, BTW.

So we might be in for some "consequences" in a few weeks time.  If there are we will be better prepared to keep the cats away, that is for certain!

And the weekend starts with a rabbit theme too - taking them to the vets for jabs.  I have been given the job of catching them as last time Mrs RC found it very difficult and stressful - I think she was worried about frightening them too much, scared they would have heart attacks which can happen apparently!  Hm, wish me luck!

Have a great weekend - back on Tuesday!


agg79 said...

Never knew that rabbit catching could be so tramatizing. Better take care of Panda or you'll need a larger hutch. Good luck and have a great weekend!

Margaret Benbow said...

Perhaps this is a tactless question, but are you raising them as pets, or as meat? When I was a little kid we had a hutch-full, meant to be Sunday dinners; but after naming them, petting them, and putting them in dolly bonnets and riding them around in a baby carriage, we couldn't bear to do it and released them into the meadow. There were hybrid white-and-grey-spotted rabbits in the fields for some years afterward.

Kiki said...

Well good luck whatever happens....rabbits will be rabbits, right?

Trying to make the rounds but I am terribly out of the habit!!!

TechnoBabe said...

How soon can you tell if there are consequences? Hubby and I discussed having a rabbit a couple years ago, read up on them and talked about it every day. But in the end we decided it would not work for us, maybe at a later date.

terri said...

I love that Mrs. RC is so easy-going that she is willing to deal with the consequences of Panda's needs! Well, if there are more bunnies in your future, it will make for some great stories, won't it?

In our house we can't even come to an agreement on getting a new dog! I say we will. He says no way.

Shrinky said...

Good luck on the rounding up! Poor old Panda, I'm kinda' hoping he does score a homerun before he's "done"..

Rock Chef said...

Agg79 - Managed to catch them OK, although they are a lot faster and stronger than I thought they would be!

Margaret Benbow - These are purely pets. Love that you were able to see that your ones did OK when you let them go - seem to have added to the local gene pool!

Kiki - Great to see you! 'Tis the season to return to blogging!

TechnoBabe - Gestation is around 4 weeks. Rabbits are a surprising amount of work so best stay away if you are unsure. Maybe a big house rabbit would be better?

Terri - The way Mrs RC sees it - A while back we had 7 rabbits and are now down to 4, so there is room for 3 more at least! "No way"? Sounds like you are winning that discussion to me! :-)

Shrinky - Well it looks like Panda might be let off the hook...

Ms. ~K said...

Oh, I would love to help you round up the buns!!

Rock Chef said...

Ms K - Well if I win the lottery I will fly you over for the next time!