Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Yes I know I am a guy and guys can't multi-task.

Women seem to be made for it - cooking dinner, watching TV, having seperate conversations with 3 children at once while also talking on the phone and reading a book.  No sweat.

Meanwhile it is a smart guy who can read and take a dump at the same time.

But I have found 2 things I can do at once.

I can work and, thanks to the amazing temperature in my office, take a sauna.  The last couple of days have been strangely warm and windy, so the place has heated up a lot, but if I open the windows everything will get blasted. 

Might have to pop down and use the showers soon to complete the effect...


Ms. ~K said...

"Meanwhile it is a smart guy who can read and take a dump at the same time."

I appreciate your honesty and humor (humour)! :)
Hope things cool off for you soon!

terri said...

Sorry, you don't get to play the incapable male! Remember a few years ago when Teresa made you an honorary girl? That means you are one of the rare males who seems to possess some of those more admirable girl qualities, like multi-tasking!

I DO sympathize with your temperature issues though. This time of year is great for keeping us guessing, isn't it?

Rock Chef said...

Ms K - Glad you liked it - and you can always trust me to be honest, if nothing else!

Terri - How could I forget that? It was a defining moment in my life!

Shrinky said...

Well, there's honesty and there's honesty - sheesh, will I ever be able to erase that image you've painted??

(Eyes skywards.)

Thank God you're an honourary girlie, I shudder to think how a "man's-man" would phrase it.. (wink)

Rock Chef said...

Shrinky - Sorry, I will try to pick my words more carefully next time. My younger brother has a few choice phrases I could share if you like...