Wednesday, 30 April 2008

It won't last...

I was listening to the radio this morning and they were discussing the release of Grand Theft Auto 4, a video game about crime, violence and prostitution, among other things. I have not played this game or any of the previous versions, but know people who have!

Anyway, the discussion on the radio turned to the thought that a lot of the men who are buying this game will be in relationships, possibly even parents. They posed the question for female listeners: What would you do if your partner started playing this game? The female presenter then went on to talk about a previous boyfriend who was obsessed with these sorts of games and the fact that his idea of a great evening was to play video games with his house-mate and ignore her completely! She decided that she did not want to continue with a relationship with someone like that, and good for her!

This got me thinking about general things that are instant put offs, and also what puts us off of people in a longer term relationship, not necessarily as boyfriend/girlfriend, of course.

So, 3 questions:

  1. What would you do if your other half turned up with a copy of Grand Theft Auto?
  2. Is there something that instantly puts you off someone?
  3. What is the thing that is most likely to make you end a relationship?

For the record, my answers are:

  1. I know that my wife would not let the game in the house anyway, but I would destroy it at the first opportunity.
  2. Smoking.
  3. Attitudes towards children.


Terri said...

1. I don't think I'd have to worry if my husband brought it home. He's not into that kind of thing. But if it posed a problem, I'd definitely express my opposition and make sure the game was disposed of.
2. What puts me off... it takes a LOT, but...someone who is two-faced. I've known people who seem sweet and respectful to everyone, then they turn around and talk and gossip behind other's backs. Makes me wonder what they say about me when I'm not around.
3. What would make me end a relationship is when I discover people who seem like normal, everyday people, and then I realize they are "into" recreational drug use. A potential friendship with a coworker was cut short due to that.

Ali said...

1. Well since my husband actually owns previous versions of Grand Theft Auto, it wouldn't bother me so much if he bought this one (which I don't think he intends on).
However, he's a fairly normal person, and doesn't get too wrapped up in video games - so, though I don't particularly like that specific game, I wouldn't really care.
And for the record, I can't actually remember the last time I saw him play that game...

2. Bad breath and bad teeth.

3. If the person I was with was someone who never listens and repeatedly brushed me off.

tz said...

1. I most likely would not let that game into our boys are 5 & 8...hubby wouldn't like the game himself so there are no worries.

2. I'm pretty it take a long time before I end a friendship relationship....but I'd have to say Underminers...why have them around they just make you feel bad about yourself.

3. I married my highschool sweetheart so I can honestly say I have yet to kick a romantic relationship to the curb...and he loves video games, ignored me a time or two but then I was able to entertain myself...I'm okay with each of us having our own time...

I get the smoking thing though..hubby says, being with a smoker would be like being with someone who breaths different air, it just can't possible work out.

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Yes, recreational drugs would do it too - these days, at least! When I was a teenager it seemed that everyone I knew was into some sort of drugs!

Ali - Ooh, I can imagine the results of someone giving YOU the brush off!

tz - We have known a few underminers in the past - you are right, better off without them!

Logziella said...
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Jen said...

1. The husband owns an older copy of this game. I never really thought about it or its ramifications. We don't have children, but I know that if we did, the game would not have been brought into the home by my husband. He also is not one to prefer to sit at home and play video games over doing something with me. I like to watch him play if and when he does.

I, like Ali, would not seem to have an issue if he bought this. Though, he doesn't seem interested and never even finished or much played the first one.

2. People who seem to be your friend and turn out to completely be someone else - even after knowing them for years. It's hurtful, frustrating and sad all at the same time.

Friends should pull you up and not down (vice versa on my part too).

3. A cheater. As in adulterers. I just don't have time or patience to try and deal or work through something as painful as that. The husband shares this same view as me. We are the same there. . .

mr zig said...

First of all great post! It's interesting to see everyones answers...

here are mine.

1.) I've played the other Grand Theft Auto Games, and will probably at some point play the new one - BUT - I do NOT think people should play this one. Hypocritical? Possibly, but I know that this kind of thing does not affect me... I'm not about to go on a killing spree, or a crime spree, BUT I think this type of game is very dangerous to kids. The problem is that parents buy this game for their children - and that is just plain wrong!!!! -

2.) What instantly puts me off is arrogance, and dishonesty... 'nuff said

3.) What would cause me to end a relationship is if I recognize that the relationship would not be healthy for me emotionally, or for my family... ie, if I started a friendship with someone who's preferred activities do not fit into my lifestyle... but they insist I partake anyway... (ie, heavy drug use, heavy drinking, etc) - Also, when someone turns out to be twofaced... thats a relationship killer...

Claire said...

1. Really wouldn't want it in our home and would express that politely. He never would have but just in case --- that is how I would handle it.
2. Sarcastic humor - as when they say, "Whatttt???? I was just kidding!!!" and I'm trying to find enough bandaids to cover the wounds.
3. Lack of personal integrity.

James said...

My answers are:

1) I would be amazed if Laundry Fairy bought home GTA4. Neither of us play video games or online games. But my son is nearly 18. If he brought the game home I would not hassle him about it as long as the younger kids did not see it. I would not go as far as destoying it. I think a lot of the stuff written about the game is probably overblown. It is after all just a game.

2) A turn off is if someone is very fat. Don't get me wrong, nobody is perfect. And anybody has a right to be chubby. But grossly obese means they don't care about themselves.

3) Cheating.My first wife cheated on me.It is a horrible thing. You have to have trust.

mindy said...

Good questions!
1) Burn it.
2) Saying something racist, sexist or homophobic--aka, ignorance.
3) Not liking animals or #2.

Logziella said...

**revised version**

1) I would burn it.

2) Liars...any form of it.

3) People who lie or are backstabbing or play games.


Sitting in Silence said...

1.I have heard that the rednecks next door let their small children play it..that there is a good enough reason for me never to but it.
2.Fake rude and shallow people.
Because I am a real person who likes real people.
3. I would end a relationship if I thought I had been lied too or cheated on.

Rock Chef said...

Jen - I have no time for cheaters either - even in someone else's relationship! Have you ever had a friend who knew he/she was being cheated on but kept things going "because I love him/her"? Argh!

Zig - good thoughts - my eldest son has a friend whose parents bought him the previous version of the game. We could not believe it and my son promised that he would not play it - confessing that he had watched it but had been bored silly.

Claire - Oh, I hate the sarcastic "humour" brigade too. They don't last long around us - my wife can be very "funny" too

James - I know what you mean about very fat people. I am OK until it becomes a health issue and they refuse to do anything about it. I a way I think I am being selfish - I have buried too many friends already! In fact I am going through this with one friend right now!

Mindy - Yep - racism/sexism/ homophobia do it for me too. Not liking animals makes things pretty tough too! Custard tends to do some weeding out these days - they either love him or don't come back! Ha!

Logzie - Yep, I hate being lied to, and so many people are so bad at it too!

Sitting in Silence - I am sure the rednecks have got it for their kids! Life is too short to spend it with the wrong people.

All - thanks for your comments on this, I hope you found it as interesting as I did. I realised that I missed out on a lot of big issues when I gave MY answers!