Thursday, 24 April 2008

"The 6 dumb things about me" meme

I picked this up from Terri's blog, although I know I have seen others do it too!

  1. Link back to the person who tagged you. Sort of!

  2. Post these rules on your blog. Done!

  3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.

  4. Tag six random people at the end of your entry. Nah.

So, let me see!

  1. I am an incurable Air Guitarist. If there is music to be heard my fingers will be twitching as I play along. If there is no music to be heard I will be playing along with a tune that is in my head instead, Ally McBeal-style.

  2. Bath time is a big thing for me - I run the water as deep and hot as possible, chuck in a load of bubble bath, and settle down with a drink and a book. If this routine goes wrong for any reason I feel cheated and can't settle down to sleep afterwards.
  3. I am appalling at remembering people's names. Working at a University, I know the faces of all of the students in our department. I also know all of their names. There are very few where I can successfully put the two together!
  4. I often strike up conversations with complete strangers. Sometimes they look at me like I have just escaped from the local asylum. Sometimes I end up having amazing conversations.
  5. I have trouble nailing down ideas. For example, I have got about 10 half written songs rattling around in my head, most having a verse or 2 and a chorus. If I try to write them down it is like they don't want it and hide behind other stuff in my head.
  6. I am terrible for taking conversations off at a tangent - within a matter of a couple of minutes I can take a conversation from the difficulty of finding good bananas at the moment to how new research shows that your diet can effect the sex of your baby! I often find myself stopping and asking what we were originally discussing!
There, a little more light on the strangeness that is Rock Chef!


Terri said...

I should just try to strike up conversations with strangers. I never do that. Too intimidated. But it sounds like it can be rewarding.

I have the same problem nailing down ideas. Not in writing music, of course, but in verbally explaining things or trying to write a blog post sometimes. I seem to know in my mind what I want to convey but have a hard time finding the right words.

I think you would be fun to talk to. There would never be a dull moment!

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

I love to strike up conversations with complete strangers, sometimes I think people just needed someone to say hi to them. I don't know how to play the guitar yet but I am always twitching my fingers too. I think I feel cool. thanks for sharing!

Claire said...

I have moved so many times that people look like people from previous places and I can never sort it out - my daughters always help me out by putting their hands out and saying, "Hi, I'm -----" and then the other nameless person responds with their name and we're good for the moment - I love nametags!!!

Kiki said...

I love talking to everyone, I think that comes form being in sales...I know you and I would have tons to chat about...I have trouble staying on task too, but only because I am thinking about 5 million other things.

Rock Chef, I love it when you share the quirks that are you, and I am so jealous that you work at dream is to be a professor. {{sighs}}someday.

Rock Chef said...

Terri - You should talk to people - older folks tend to be the most rewarding, often having some amazing thoughts and experiences that they are happy to share. You always seem to find the right words on your blog!

Rachael - You should learn guitar. You can get some amazing instruments for stupid prices these days!

Claire - Mm, name tags - they were talking about introducing them at the uni a while back. That would be great!

Kiki - Just being able to chat with people must be great in your job - I like that when I am shopping. I hate it when people go straight to the hard-sell. Uni is a pretty good place to work - I was talking to my elder son about other jobs I have had in the past and it really made me realise how lucky I am!

Marie said...

I can relate to 1 & 2. I really love the sound of electric guitar but unfortunately the talent of playing great solos went to my brother, so I just air guitar to fave solos instead. As for bathtimes, I feel that it's the only time I can truly relax. And yes, I have to have a book with me and lots of bubble bath.

Rock Chef said...

Marie - I was a very late developer as a lead guitarist. Before that I was purely a bass player. Another bathtime reader! Perhaps there is a market for water proof books, for those moments when you relax a bit too much and drop it into the water!

Logziella said...

I have dropped many a library magazine in the bathtub myself. It's always embarrassing to bring back that crumpled up magazine...they just smile.

I too strike up conversations with perfect strangers. I learned to do this when I lived in Oklahoma. Everyone does this in the South...they are so unbelievably friendly there. I remember the first time a stranger talked to me in Walmart after we first moved down there. I stopped...had a confused look on my face...turned around to see nobody else...and finally adjusted to the conversation but feeling aukward the entire time. I soon grew out of that though. Then when we moved back up to the frozen North...where most of the people are frozen too...I was that crazy person in Walmart but unfortuanately most people just don't give you the time of day here...they act inconvenienced and rude. I have since really cut back on my conversations with strangers because of this. I miss the South!!!!

amazingbrenda said...

Perhaps, you should open a market for water proof books

I always have a song in my head, sometimes I'll sing one that I don't like but it has a catchy tune, then I wait to see who will start singing it.

Rock Chef said...

Logzie - One of the reasons I do not borrow books is bacause of this very thing! Maybe you and Terri should try to thaw out the frozen North?

AmazingBrenda - Agh, I hate it when someone does that! My kids do it a lot - walking past singing "Me and my umb-er-ella-ella-ella-ella" and leave me with it stuck in my head. And I thought you were such a nice person! :-)

Sitting in Silence said...

I also love talking to total strangers..oldies are great....

kenady said...

Love the air guitar Ally McBeal-style! I have theme songs. Thanks for sharing:)