Monday, 14 April 2008


Late last week things started to get a bit worrying.

A whole swathe of little signs began to make us wonder of the Rock Chef clan was about to expand again.

Now this should not be possible! I had that little operation to stop any more little Chefs appearing, and according to the doctors the condition that had made them announce that my wife was totally infertile many years ago had well and truly taken hold.

But things happen, don't they? Men have had things re-grow and reconnect, and my wife's recent operation is just the sort of thing that can persuade a couple of dozen eggs or so that they can make a break for it. We were getting worried.

Surely, we were too old for that sort of thing, now? The sleepless nights, the endless poop everywhere, having to sterilize everything, then the toddling, potty training... How would we cope? How would my wife cope with pregnancy? Things could get really complicated.

At the weekend, it became clear that there would not be an addition to the clan. Phew! Thank goodness for that. We are spared the poop and sick and sleepless nights.

Would have been nice, though, in some ways, don't you think? Taking a little one for walks with Custard in a carrier, watching all those TV shows that the others are too old for now, the cuddly toys, rattles, mobiles, the wonderful feeling of cuddling a sleeping baby, or bouncing him/her on my knee blowing raspberries and pulling faces. And wasn't changing exploded nappies good fun in its way?

I guess we will have to wait for grandchildren now - they have the benefit that we will get to hand them back when they start to cry, I guess.


Terri said...

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a little one around again too. Those were such happy and fulfilling times. Things tend to get a little scarier as they start growing up, but the freedom that comes with having older kids is wonderful, and it's easy to forget how little of that we used to have!

Logziella said...

Freedom?...What's that? Seriously.


Yes, either are blessed! Such a good attitude Rock Chef. Sounds like you had fun just thinking about the 'possibility' anyway. I think you and Claire will make phenominal grandparents one day!

Jen said...

Your reactions were awesome - scared to loving disappointment. If you had been pregnant once again, at least you hold the knowledge they'd turn out just as fantastic as your other children. Since you are not, you DO get the satisfaction of being awesome spoil-them-rotten grandparents - someday.

Good for you!

Ali said...

Ooooh! A baby Rock Chef - to go along with Butterbean! That would have been great :)
But eh, I'm ready for the poo and puke, and tantrums, and love and raspberries and all that wonderful stuff too.
And sometime you just might get to meet Butterbean in person, the husband was drooling over the pictures in your last post, saying "maybe we should take a trip over there sometime..."

Chachi said...

Gotta love them babies, poop and all.
I have always wished I had more kids. I love the baby stage the best, cuddling, hugging, kissing, and the pure innocence. AWE!!!!
I can't wait till I have grandkids. They will be so loved.

Kiki said...

Rock Chef, What fun grandparents you both will be, and I love that no matter what you were gearing up for either thing to work out.

But how fun would another baby have been??? I get teary just thinking about it. For you, I mean.

Rock Chef said...

Terri - we are just getting into the "freedom" stage now, leaving the kids alone while we go for walks or do a bit of shopping. The baby stage is great - poop and all!

Logzie - It was fun just talking about it. And, of course, I missed out the thought that there might be more than one! We are just discivering what freedom is ourselves!

Jen - Yep - we have decided that we are going to be terrible grandparents! :-)

Ali - I would love to meet you all some day. One day I will do my tour of Canada/North USA and will track you down. A word of warning - visiting the UK is very expensive. I have another Canadian friend who visits from time to time and he nearly dies at the price of things, especially restaurants...

Chachi - Stop it! keep on like that and I will be looking to have my operation reversed!

Kiki - It would have been fun, I know it. But even as I was writing that post I was struck by how unfair this sort of thing is - if we had managed another baby, in spite of my operation and my wife's condition, while others like you are desperate for just one. When we were having infertility treatment we knew a couple who had 2 babies after the husband had been 'snipped' - we felt terribly cheated.

tz said...

a friend in the neighborhood actually did have that happen (although she lost the baby)

it's a 1 and 1000 chance.

my own DH has had that procedure done....and once in awhile I think wouldn't it be nice to have tubing grow back, unbeknownst to us and have a surprise (of the pink variety...two boys are enough)...

can't believe it because it's so far into the future, but i will love the grandbabies....right now, just having fun in the mom/baby ward of the hospital!

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

You never know what could happen. Our bodies are amazing and they can do a lot of things we don't know about! well glad you are in the clear! LOL

kenady said...

I would love to have another baby, maybe even 2, but R and I realized that we can hardly handle the 2 we have so why would we want to do that to ourselves. But from time to time I see a pregnant woman and wish it were me:)

A baby Rock Chef would have been awesome:)