Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Haunted houses

We have a TV show called "Most haunted". It features a team who visit haunted locations, filming in scary "night vision". They always make contact with the spirits there, sometimes being possessed by evil ones. In the worst one they were at a castle in the north of England and the psychic said he was talking to 2 English kings - Edward I and Henry VIII. Both pretty unsavoury characters to put it mildly. He asked them if they had a message for the people of England. The message was that they were unhappy with how things were in the country and that the people should stand up for their rights. Very rich considering that any commoner who tried to stand up for his rights during the reigns of either of these kings would rapidly have found himself dead!

I hate this programme and anything like it - TV psychics make me mad. I never feel that they are being truthful, I feel that they are playing sick tricks with people's minds and feelings.

Why do I get mad about this? Well it is at least partly because I believe in ghosts/spirits or what ever you want to call them and think that this sort of thing stops others believing in them.

The house I grew up in had a spirit in it. I heard it many times - there would be foot steps from the front door, up the stairs and going into one of the bedrooms. The first time I heard it (at the age of around 7 I guess) I thought it was my older brother coming home, so I went to find him but the room was empty. I told my mom and she said it must have been the ghost! After that I heard it from time to time but did not worry about it. During a period of extreme activity, with us hearing him on a more or less daily basis, my mom took to sitting in this room wondering if she would be able to see or hear more. After few days she saw him, a teenage boy. He gave off an aura of warmth and happiness. After seeing him a couple more times she held out her hands to him and he reached out to her, touching her hands with his. That was the last time she saw him, though he was still heard from time to time.

I wonder if the people who now live in that house hear him?


Terri said...

I too hate those kinds of shows. I agree they are only about creating hype and not about anything truthful.

It must have been amazing to have a spirit in your house who was happy and peaceful. I like to believe that of the spirits that may exist on earth, many are like yours, not just the scary type left behind because of "unfinished business." On a few ocassions, I have felt my grandma's spirit - sensing her touch or suddenly realizing the distinct scent of her home. Some might explain it as simply missing her or having a strong memory of her, but I like to think she can still see me in my day to day life.

Rock Chef said...

Terri - I have had this same feeling about my daughter - sometimes I can feel her right there with me. I believe that those who have moved on still get to come back and check up on us from time to time.

Princess of the Universe said...

I'm totally with you on the attitudes of the "kings". As if they would tell the commoners to stand up for themselves!!

Rock Chef said...

Princess - As my wife said at the time - "Stand up for your rights? Sounds more like Bob Marley than Henry VIII or Edward I!"