Monday, 21 April 2008

Blah blah blah

Had an interesting weekend.

I got a letter from McDonalds about my complaint that cyclists are not allowed to use the drive-thru. Their response was basically that they had made their rules by following the general guidelines of the Health and Safety Executive, so don't blame us, please come again. I will be keeping the letter as a momento.

I played Mariocart on the Wii against the kids, who had a great time laughing at my driving skills. I managed to come last in every single race, except for one where my daughter let me get in front of her right at the end. It is a great game, and I want to practice a bit so I can give them more of a run for their money next time!

We finished building a porch around our back door, which will be nice when it is raining. As always, my wife did the vast majority of this, with me only helping her to put the roof on as she couldn't reach.

Finally, I did a bit of shopping my phone which was very entertaining - my wife carefully guiding me around the shop looking for things that were not there. It was only when I got home that we realised why the things weren't there - I was not in the shop that my wife thought I was in!



Terri said...

I'm surprised McDonald's even bothered to respond at all! I'm not surprised at their response though. Typical!

My kids beat me at any and all of the video games. I guess I just don't have the desire to spend as much time honing my skills as they do!

The porch sounds wonderful! I'm impressed that your wife has such "handy-man" skills!

Your shopping experience is a classic example of lack of communication. I think sometimes we get so comfortable with our spouses that we assume we're on the same page!

Ali said...

McDonald's blows.

(I know that wasn't even funny, but I can NOT stop laughing at that.)

Mariocart is possibly the only video game I like. My brother kept his old N64 for the sole purpose of us playing that game. I cannot keep my cart on the road for the life of me, and it results in tears of laughter each time we play.

You built a porch?!? Awww, I wish I could have built a porch :(

And last, but not least - Bwahahahahaha! That is classic! You were in the wrong store?!? You just made my day - thanks :)

Rock Chef said...

Terri - I was starting to think they were ignoring me, and certainly did not expect a reply by post. The only game I can hold my own on is Hogs of War on the PS2. I think it must be "handy-person"? 99% of the time we ARE on the same page, even the same paragraph, but not this time!

Ali - Happy to brighten your day! You should try Mariocart on the Wii - great fun. I wasn't in the wrong store - just not the store Clare thought I was in!

tz said...

mariocart???hmmm, we'll have to check out that game---the kids are still pretty obsessed w/ lego star wars right now....the store thing made me laugh, the other day I was to meet Jason at the glasses place to help pick out a new pair, he called me to ask when I was coming and I told him I was there waiting, he said he was there took us a couple minutes to realize that we were at two different locations...ooops.

Rock Chef said...

tz - Mine have played Lego Star Wars a lot too. I just remembered another thing like this. I walked up and down a street looking for a "tie" shop. Couldn't find on anywhere. Turned out I was looking for a "Thai" shop!

Logziella said...

I think your weekend sounds very productive! A porch?...Wow!! Your wife is super woman I swear! Go Clare!!

The wrong store...ah the spice of life...too funny!

I am trying to find time to play our Wii because it is such good excercize...I am pretty decent at bowling...I stink at Tennis and haven't tried much else yet.

McDonald's...they have awesome coffee...that's all I know. And I too was surprised at a!

Rock Chef said...

Logzie - Give the boxing a try! Yes, I am well aware that you love their coffee - I will not be calling for a boycott!

kenady said...

You guys are the coolest couple EVER! A porch? For the love of God, is there nothing your wife can't do???

I'm still a little "hot" about the whole McDonald's incident. What a bunch of BUNK!

I don't play video games. The last game I played was tetris on Gameboy when I was in college. Oh well. I'm sure when the kids are older we will be venturing into that realm again.

I've started to e-mail my husband the shopping list instead of guiding by phone. It has worked well the last coupld of times.

Chachi said...

We still have a Nintendo64 and we still love to play it. My daughters favorite is Beetle Battle, a racing game. I get a hoot out of watching them. I have never been very good at it, but I do love playing WII.

Sounds like you have quite a handy wife, good for her. When I was married, I was the one who built or fixed things around the house. Things I learned from my father. I would watch him in his wood shop for hours.
Every watch the Red/Green show? "Well if you don't find her handy at least find her handsome" LOL LOL LOL!!!

TOO funny you being at a different place than what your wife thought.

Jen said...

I have always, always been beaten in video games. Even when PONG came out on Atari I was crushed. Thus, video games never did much for me - I'd run back outside to play.

Oh! Wait! I did beat the husband at Wii boxing! That was fantastic! As a result, he did not like that game nor does he ever want to play again. . . drat. I do get to play with him on HALO though - that rocks!

I could use your wife. Does she come on loan? Will feed and shelter.

Rock Chef said...

Kenady - No, I don't think that there is anything that my wife cannot do if she decides to do it.

Chachi - We don't get the Red/Green Show. Just looked it up and it looks like fun. I can imagine you with a few power tools and a hammer. Do you still do stuff?

Jen - Husband and wife boxing? Sounds a bit like domestic violence. Do you regularly beat up on the hubby? :-)

amazingbrenda said...

How cool, a porch! Congrats on the handi wife. We want pictures. I'm sure it looks fab.

Funny on the shopping experience, had to laugh, sorry.

Mc'Ds, that reminds me when we went to Romania, it was a late night & we stopped by Mc'ds & the restaurant was closed but not the drive thru. We were about mybe 30 people placing orders at the "walk thru window" That was an experience!! I'm sure that was a 1 time only experience & exception. Sorry to tell you we did not get a letter in the mail.

Btw, I love coke too, there is no soda like coke!!!

Jen said...

well, um. . . I do have a one-up on him. I've taken a few boxing as well as kick-boxing lessons in my life. I suppose that wasn't fair, was it?

Rock Chef said...

AmazingBrenda - Good job it wasn't a UK McD's - they would have sent you away!

Jen - Hm, I must make sure that I don't get on the wrong side of you!

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

Wow you sound like you were productive this weekend. I love to build things! Your wife sounds amazing! You go girl! Isn't the WII a riot! I love playing! I haven't played in awhile tho I am probably out of whack. LOL Ok so McDonalds bums me out! I wish they would have been a little more courteous to you but not everybody is cool! LIKE US!