Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Tonight, Live from England...

We bring you:

[Queue grunge metal music]

Tonight, Rock Chef and his wife, Carpet Fairy, will be attempting to build Rock Chef's Dad's new garden shed, in the dark!

Here they come, looking quietly confident, but little do they know what we have in store for them! Ha! Look at their faces! The instruction sheet is somehow soaking wet, making it see through! They can's make out what is on this side of the sheet and what is on the other side!

Undeterred, they have carried on, setting the floor in place and starting to erect the walls, things are going quite smoothly,but wait! RC's dad has just switched on his flood light! Bright enough to dazzle, bright enough to cast huge black shadows but still dim enough not to actually light anything up, this is a master stroke!

Now they have to hang the door - not something they were expecting, I am sure. The wet instructions are useless so they carry on regardless - YES, hahahaha, they have done the hinges wrong and the door won't open! This is what X-treme Shed Building is all about, folks! Carpet Fairy has started speaking in a quiet voice - our microphones can't pick up what she is saying, but Rock Chef is finding it very funny, which CF does not seem to appreciate! Now they are frantically unscrewing the hinges, checking what they did wrong and are now having a second try - YES they have done it! What a pair!

Now they have started taking a closer look at all of the parts - Carpet Fairy has found some parts that don't seem to belong, and she is right! The shed kit includes the parts for a window frame that the shed does not have a hole for! CF keeps her cool and quietly separates the unwanted parts.

Now, they have the last wall to put up. RC's dad, seeing that they are succeeding in spite of his flood light has found a new challenge - he has got a high power torch and is using it to help RC see where the screws need to go - no he's not, he is shining it in RC's eyes, totally blinding him, but RC is carrying on anyway, risking permanent eye damage, in the true spirit of the sport.

Oh, what a disappointment! The next stage requires hammering and it is too late for that! They will have to give up and try again tomorrow!

Be sure to tune it tomorrow for the grand finale!


Ali said...

Hehe - that was awesome! I was actually reading it to myself in an "Extreme" announcer's voice :)

Terri said...

Kudos! Mark and I would have wrung each other's necks trying to do this together!

Chachi said...

What a hoot! Can't wait for the conclusion. I will have to tune in tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to your #1 son.

Thanks for your encouragement on my blog.

Rock Chef said...

Ali - Hah, good thinking there, glad you liked it!

Terri - I can imagine!

Chachi - Hope you enjoy part 2, which I have not written yet!

kenady said...

LOL! And your wife's name is Carpet Fairy? Interesting. Getting ready to read part 2! Can't wait!

Rock Chef said...

Kenady - Carpet Fairy is not her real name, surprisingly, but is a nickname I gave her a while ago when we had new carpets and stuff delivered and she put it all down while I was at work, single-handed! It was inspired by James, who got me into this blogging lark but now only drops in to comment from time to time - he called his wife Laundry Fairy!

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

That is a great story love the layout! My mom, 3 aunts, cousin and I built a shed together by ourselves! Oh yeah and it is still standing! LOL.