Wednesday, 2 April 2008

X-treme Shed Building - Day 2

Welcome back to Day 2 of X-treme Shed Building!

Rock Chef and Carpet Fairy are back, just like Arnie, determined to finish the job.

And they are straight to work, drilling and fitting the main roof support - if fits like a dream! Now on to the roof panels - the first one goes on, a perfect fit! CF holds it in place while RC hammers in the nails with truly expert precision! We aren't going to see any squashed fingers tonight!

Here comes the second roof panel, one edge is not totally square but the team don't care, the light is fading and the dreaded flood light has been switched on by RC's dad. Again, CF holds the roof in place while RC drives home the nails. This is sweeter than Maple Syrup!

They only have the felt to put on now. CF has already expertly cut it to size, so it is child's play to fix it on the roof - on go the facia boards and, YES THEY HAVE FINISHED!!!!

RC's dad now reappears, he is giving the thumbs up! Job's a good-un! RC and CF are going to sleep well tonight!

RC and CF stroll away into the deepening darkness, hand in hand. As they reach the turning towards home, RC pauses.

"Damn, I forgot to say it".

CF looks at him.

"Say what?"

"When we finished, I was going to say 'Driver, MOVE THAT BUS!'"
(We have been watching lots of Extreme Makeover - Home Edition)

"You were planning to say that?"


"You're so sad".

"No I'm not! OK, I guess I am. But it would have been good wouldn't it. Driver, MOVE THAT BUS!"

"Yes dear".


Terri said...

Why doesn't it surprise me that the two of you made shed-building a fun adventure?

Can you two come put an addition on the back of my house now?

Rock Chef said...

Only if I get to shout "Driver, MOVE THAT BUS!"

Ali said...

You are such a nerd :)
But around these parts that's considered a compliment - so yay for nerds!

Rock Chef said...

Ali - Thanks! Having you call me a nerd is like winning an Oscar!


Sitting in Silence said...

Hey...Thanks for stopping by my blog....

Love have a new fan !

And in the words of Arnie....

"I'll be back "...

Kiki said...

I love how you play the part of announcer and then on to host as well all shout in unison, "DRIVER, MOVE THAT BUS!!!"

How fun that you and your wife completed the job together, what a great team the two of you are!!!

Jahooni said...

"Move that Bus"..... I am cracking up! That is FUNNY!
I am telling hubby that we too need a shed. I wonder if I can out do you on this project? Hymnnnn.....????

Rock Chef said...

Sitting in silence - Good to see you, glad you like it!

Kiki - We do make a great team, I must say.

Jahooni - If you want to do X-treme Shed Building you will have to invite your sister over to take the part of my dad, ie finding things that make the job harder, shining a torch in your eyes etc. I think she would enjoy it! :-)

kenady said...

I am rolling around on the floor laughing! I especially love your wife's response..."Yes, Dear".

Rock Chef said...

Kenady - That is a classic line of hers, carrying an undertone of "You are never really going to grow up are you, you're going to go straight from 'kid' to 'senile' and no-one will ever know the difference."

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

Ok that was the most fabulous line! You should have said it! Nice job guys! congrats! I know exactly how it feels to do the work you did except in 80 degree weather! LOL.

Chachi said...

Way to go. It always feels good to build something and then see the finished work.
We like extreme makeover too. Although I think they can go overboard at times.

Logziella said...

Hilarious! You guys are quite a team to build a shed in the dark with all that "help" from your Father. LOL!!