Friday, 2 December 2011

Hitting the High Notes

Just about all of the big stuff for Christmas has now been bought - just a new TV for the sittingroom to go now, and the cash for that has been set aside.  Yes, I am finally moving on past the old glass tube TV set and getting an HD flat screen.  Not 3D, of course.  As some of you may know by now, I like to trail behind the technology until it reaches a sensible price.

A TV presenter (well known for his brash sense of humour) has caused a stir by suggesting that people who went on strike this week should be shot.  People are calling for him to be sacked and he has had to apologise.  Seems that a lot of people have forgotten what comedy is!  I thought it was hilarious, even though I don't actually like him for a lot of other reasons.  Some of these people should listen to what is said on some of the radio comedy shows...

A couple of days ago my younger daughter visited the doctor.  Nothing serious.  She came back and was ranting about the fact that this highly qualified, highly paid man could not prounounce her name properly.  It is not a difficult name, just slightly unusual.  I joined in.  Our combined rant developed into:

     He is a DOCTOR.  Surely a DOCTOR should be able to read a person's name!

     Unless he got his PhD off the internet.   You know, the ones where you send $100 and get a degree?

     True.  But to do that he would still have to be able to READ!

Have a great weekend!


Shrinky said...

I think the even funnier chapter to this debacle is the announcement just aired on ITV: "Coming up after the break, we are taking calls to debate whether or not we are over-reacting to Clarkson's comments." I do loves me a bit of sweet irony, all the more if it's unintentional..!

I've asked for a new telly for the living room, too, this Christmas - we've had over a year of our present one not working by remote control - oooh, the LUXURY of flipping a channel whilst seated - I can't wait! (Having the hallway redecorated was an early birthday pressie I requested, it's the only way I can justify getting the decorator's in.)

agg79 said...

Welcome to the new technology frontier, my friend. We got our first HD LCD TV last Christmas (no 3D). May get a 2nd this year if the deals are good. Of course, my son thinks we are a decade behind.

Comedy can a double edged sword. Make joke one day and you can be the talk of the town. Make the same joke later and they want to hang you from the yardarm. It depends on the mood at the time and how the media wants to spin it. Several people over here have had their careers terminated for stupid jokes/statements. In the meanwhile, we still have such visionaries like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian to entertain us.

"Abby" said...

We got an HD flat screen a couple of years ago. Not a Christmas present, but a Superbowl present. *sigh*

The fact that your daughter returned from the doctor's and ranted is a good sign that she's perfectly healthy.

CiCi said...

You are having a big Christmas sounds like. Glad you are able to get all the goodies without the debt.

Of course people want the doctor to know their name.
Silly doctor.

terri said...

"I like to trail behind the technology until it reaches a sensible price." I didn't realize until I read your words that this is exactly what we do. I bought a computer with Windows XP just as Vista was coming out. This is typical of my habits.

I have hardly done any shopping. Going to venture out over lunch break and try to knock a few gifts off the list.

Dumb doctors!

Anonymous said...

Technology still has a way to go. Apparently, we can put men on the moon but I can't get cable hook up for a small t.v. in my kitchen. So, I remain downstairs alone at the stove wishing for some company, like the news. Have been so busy, like you, but haven't blogged until today. It's nice to catch up on all the news your way!