Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Abby Normal wrote a post about the history of her hair so I decided to write about mine.

I don't really remember paying much attention to my hair until I was about 8 years old.  I was given a hair cut that I just hated, it just seemed to stick out sideways.  From then on I fought every attempt to cut it again, and being in the '70s  (and my mom was/is a huge fan of people like Marc Bolan) that was OK! 

My hair grew.

By the time I was in secondary school my hair was growing down my back.  By my late teens it was half way down my back, and went great with the guitars and bands I played in.

I was frequently called "Hippy" and "Jesus".  This was probably meant as an insult but I had no problem with either to be honest!

When our first daughter was on her way I had to make a show of trying to be responsible, so I got my hair chopped short and found sensible work.

When I had been working at the Uni for a while I started to let my hair grow out again.  The first time I realised that it was getting long again was one time I was in Malta - a kid pointed at me and said "Christos!"  I guess the beard helped the return if this look!

Over the last few years I have kept my hair fairly wild, Mrs RC taking the scissors to it when I start to look like Albert Einstein.  I like it like this, it is how I am meant to be.


Sure thing!  First impressions are important, I don't want to mis-sell myself!


terri said...

I have always admired your hair and your ability for self-expression. Being "responsible" and "sensible" with one's appearance is the easy way. Being an individual takes more guts, but I'll bet it makes you happier!

wigsf3 said...

In my teens, I did all kinds of wacky stuff with my hair. First, I let it grow and get all tangly and messy. It was down to my shoulders. This was the height of grunge after all.
Then one day I shaved it all off. The next day, off to school.
I had four classes that day.

Class #1 history, teacher entered the class, surveyed the room then her head snapped back and she looked straight at me and gave me a very weird glance. She looked absolutely confused by what had happened.

Class #2 business, the teacher was a mouse. She was quiet and had no personality whatsoever. She didn't even raise her voice when a fist fight broke out in her classroom. When she entered the room she screamed "WIGSF, WHAT HAPPENED?"

Class #3 marketing, the teacher saw me and walked over to me. "Do you have cancer?"

Class #4 computers, the teacher made no notice of me. Not surprised, most days I got the feeling this teacher just sat in front of the class and contemplated how he'd spend his massive retirement pension.

wigsf3 said...

Once the hair grew back, I dyed it fire engine red.
My father's response: "Put a bag over your face, I don't wanna f***ng look at you."
Next day, I got to school but wore a wool knit hat (a toque) as I entered the hallways and chatted with my friends. Casually I removed my hat and one by one each of my friends saw my Ronald McDonald locks. One by one their jaws dropped.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

(from the pic) You have the curls we would call 'instant noodle' here (no offense). But not everyone can carry that look everyday, so this is high compliment. :)

I started to grow a tuft of grey / white hair above my temple, at the right side at 27 and older people who were in the know, would point out that in local legends, that would be an indicator of a great thief.

Fortunately the younger generations never heard of such myth. So I was not branded a criminal over my tuft of white hair.

I tried having long hair, and I looked like a dork.

....I might blog about hair too. Thanks RC with Soft Curls! :)

"Abby" said...

It's hard to picture you with short, responsible, sensible hair. I think you're right. You're meant for the Jesus look.

agg79 said...

Hey, coming from a guy that is folically challenged, my opinion is, if you've still got the hair to pull it off, wear it however you like it. Fight the man!

Your hairstyle is one of your more distinctive traits. That was how I was able to spot you in that crowd of tourists.

BTW - it may be hard to picture that I used to have hair halfway down my back.

CiCi said...

Interesting that being responsible brings about a "responsible look", thus short hair. I myself have always liked that people are true to what they like and wear their hair the way they themselves are comfortable. Good for you for knowing this about yourself and expressing yourself so well.