Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Custard is 6 today!

Please join us in wishing Custard a very Happy Birthday!

This photo was taken in the summer while camping.  Today is not as hot... This day was amazingly hot, possibly the hottest of the year.  At one point Custard laid down in the shade of some trees and refused to walk until he had cooled down.  He might not be the brightest dog in the world but he does have a little bit of good sense.

I will post some new photos of the dogs soon, as I test my new camera!  Can't wait to start playing with that.

More shopping today - hopefully the last, he says with little hope that it will be.

Have a great day!

Ha Ha, just had to share this.  My daughter is giving him his presents - all carefully wrapped.  One was a dried sausage, which he just swallowed, wrapping paper and all.


wReggie said...

He's in his prime.

agg79 said...

Happy Birthday, Custard!

Nenette AM said...

Happy Birthday, Custard! xoxo

"Abby" said...

What a great pic of Custard! He looks like he's laughing... or making fun of you... or both. Happy Birthday!

tz said...

that is one cute dog!

terri said...

Happy Birthday, Custard! He's such a handsome boy, and definitely a smart dog. Um... except when it comes to unwrapping presents, I guess.

I better take a lesson from this. I have presents for Dacotah and Lucy. Better skip the wrapping and just give them straight to them. (Shhhh... don't tell, but they are some of those Kong toys that you stick a treat inside and the dog has to figure out how to get the treat out. That should burn some energy!)