Monday, 13 June 2011

Weekend Round-up...

The weekend started off great, although the weather was a bit nasty.  We all went out for dinner on Saturday afternoon to celebrate our 26th anniversary.  We went to a place that our daughter had been to with friends a couple of times, and it was all she had said it would be.  The food was great, service fast and friendly and the prices didn't stick in your throat either.  A winner with all of us and we are looking for an excuse to go back again soon.

Sunday saw me and Number One Son head off to the wargames tournament.  The players were split into 2 leagues.  Each then played 3 league battles to determine the ranking.  Finally, players were paired off with the matching rank in the other league to play off for 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th places, etc.

Players brought their own armies, with free choice from around 200 different armies.  My army was medieval French peasant rebellion - a real mix of peasants, mercenaries and lesser nobility - not something I thought of as a very tough army, but it was certainly going to be FUN.  And fun is what it is all about, IMO.

My first battle was against the Mongols - a tough battle which I lost 4-3.  Those Mongol cavalry are very hard to catch when they don't want to be caught!

My second battle was against Number One Son, who had beaten me the night before in a practice game.  He gave me a hard time in this battle, but I just managed to beat him 4-3.

My final league game was against a Chinese army.  This guy completely outplayed me and had the game in the bag - until I threw a bunch of peasants at his general - my lucky dice kicked in and they dragged him from his horse and killed him, winning me the game 2-1.

After lunch, we returned to find that I was in the final, fighting for 1st  place!  I was shocked!  How had my peasants managed to do so well?  My opponent was using a Medieval Polish army - very nasty!

The first real action in this game saw a unit of Polish knights break through my line, trampling peasants as they went.  I had only one move open to me - throw more peasants at them!  These, against all the odds, mobbed the knights, evening things up.  Then we had a bit of tentative pushing and shoving with little advantage, but I could see that my opponent was getting ready for the killer charge that I could do little to stop - except at this point my dice kicked in - crossbowmen shot down his general and then all along the line me men stated killing Poles.  I won this game 6-2, an embarassing margin, I must say.

So I won the tournament with my bunch of peasants!  I achieved my main aim of having fun with this army, but winning the main prize (£100 worth of books) was very nice, unexpected, icing on the cake.  All thanks to my dice, of course!


The baby rabbits remained in their house all weekend - a good thing given the weather - but this morning one had ventured out.  In the pic above he/she is snuggling up to Auntie Buttercup.

We are currently calling this one Houdini, as it is the only one to have escaped from the nest so far.

Frou Frou is growing up too, as you can see.  The non-Yorkie part of her breeding is still a bit of a mystery, but we think she is part Jack Russel - she certainly has the attitude...

Well, I hope your weekend was as good as mine was!  I will be along to your blogs soon to find out...


James ® said...

Congrats all around, especially for 26 years!

TechnoBabe said...

This was fun to hear a bit more about the actual war games. It sounds like you and your son have a hobby in common. Congratulations on your big win and I know you will find some great books.

Happy Anniversary and what a great way to celebrate by the whole family going out to dinner.

Houdini is so cute. Thanks for the picture.

And Frou Frou does look bigger now.

So glad you had a fantastic weekend. We did too.
Except for my eye appointment Saturday. More on later.

agg79 said...

Nice way to round out a weekend! Good food, good time with the family, and kicking but in the tournamnent. Never underestimate the peasants! Congrats on the win!

Frou Frou look intense. I bet she keeps Custard on his toes.

Rock Chef said...


Rock Chef said...

Having trouble commenting on my own blog!

James - Thanks!

TechnoBabe - Eye appointment? I hate that sort of thing, hope it wasn't too bad.

Agg79 - Intense is a great description of Frou Frou. She certainly rules the roost, even at her tender age!

Shrinky said...

Hmnnn, I've had a Devil of a time getting connected to Blogger today, too..!

Whey-hey, let's hear it for the peasants! Aww, looks like you (and your family) had a near perfect weekend, isn't it great when things all fall right together like that?

I love, love, love both Frau-Frau AND that little bunny up there. Have fun picking out your new books..

Rock Chef said...

Shrinky - Well at least I don't have to feel like it is personal now :-) Yes, it is great when everything works well - as you will know, it doesn't happen that often with a big family around you, there is always something wrong for someone!

terri said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Way to go on your war games too! First place! congrats!

Houdini is a great name for the baby rabbit. Can't wait to see what other personalities emerge and the names they are given.

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Thanks! I can't wait to see the others too, but they are happy in the nest so far.

Ms. ~K said...

I certainly enjoyed my visit here...Labs and bunnies, 2 of my favorite critters!
I had a wonderful Lop as my classroom pet for 10 years.
Cheers, from Georgia!