Thursday, 9 June 2011

Rabbit, rabbit...

Well the babies seem to be doing OK.

I got a quick look at them this morning - white with black markings, like tiny versions of their mom, Bubbles, who is in the pic below.

We think there are 3 of them, but don't want to be too intrusive - rabbits are easily upset and can kill their babies if they get distressed about things, so we had a quick look while the others were eating breakfast.

I have had a few suggestions about what to do with these babies - we are reluctant to give them away as most people won't pamper them the way we think they should be.  The current plan is to get any boys snipped (for real this time) and add another house and run.  We have had, of course, the usual suggestions of rabbit stew or popping them on the barbeque, but this is, of course, not an option no matter how tasty it might be  :-)

They should be opening their eyes soon and getting mobile - plenty of photos when that happens.

Hm, this is in danger of becoming a rabbit blog!  Maybe it is time for another name change, but putting "Rabbit" and "Chef" in the same title just gives the wrong idea!  Any suggestions?


TechnoBabe said...

Rock Chef's Family, Work, and Pets

Everyday Goddess said...

I adore pet rabbits! I had two, Penelope and Clementine. They were both house trained to use the litter box. Penelope loved bananas and Clementine loved Strawberries. They both had a penchant for wooden baseboards, but I forgave them. Good memories!

terri said...

I don't mind that this is becoming a rabbit blog! I'm thrilled that you're considering keeping them! I always feel sad when someone has pets that they're trying to give away and can't find loving owners. (Brother is trying to give away kittens at the moment. Tempted to take one but it's just not an option.)

A new name for the blog? I sat here for about ten minutes trying to come up with something, but you're right. You can't mix the words "chef" and "rabbits" and have it come out sounding right.

agg79 said...

I was going offer up some tacky comment about rabbit stew, but that was even beneath my standards. Be careful keeping them - you are on the verge of starting a herd.

As for a new name, how about (drum roll please): The Sparten Rock Chef Warren?