Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Another strange dream...

We were thrown into the small brick building, landing hard on the packed dry sand floor.

"Here", he said throwing a shovel onto the floor.  "If you want water you can dig for it!"

The door slammed shut.

Alex looked at me.

"Well that is a great way to treat guests!"

"Hm, shall we get digging?  It's hot and I am thirsty."


The hole must have been 5 feet deep by now.  No water.  Digging was just making the heat and thirst worse.

"Only one good use for this shovel, in my opinion."  Alex took it from me, found one of the many stones that we had unearthed in our digging and started to rub the edge of the shovel with it.


The door opened.

I turned and looked up from the bottom of the hole.

"Is there really water down here?"

The guard laughed and stepped into the room.

The razor-sharp edge of the shovel glinted in the dim light, just before it sank into the top of the guard's head.


That was the last of them.  Alex stood over the body, shaking blood and brains from the shovel blade, apparently unaware that it was cleaner than he was.

I clipped another magazine into my AK47.

"You could have had a gun, you know.  Or a rocket launcher."  There was plenty of hardware around the place.

Alex took a firm grip on his shovel and grinned devilishly.

"Nah, this is great!  It's quiet and doesn't run out of ammo!"

"Well if you are sure," I said, slinging an RPG over my shoulder.  "Time we got back - I could murder a beer."


terri said...

That's quite violent in comparison to other dreams you've described. Who is Alex?

Rock Chef said...

Terri - it is, isn't it? Alex is a guy I work with, who doesn't have a violent bone in his body!

Cinner said...

Strange what we dream is'mt it....some make sense, some I just have to shake off. have a great day.

agg79 said...

Alex sounds like my kind of guy. Definitely not one to piss off.

schererart said...

Strange dream. Lovely writing!