Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Today could be the day!

I was cycling home last night, changing gear to tackle the big hill that I have to go over to get out of Canterbury when "CLICK", my chain broke.

My rucksack bulging with shopping for my dad, I got off, looked at the damage and said some bad words.

Yes, I know you are shocked, but I can't deny it.  I said things like "Oh golly gosh, that is dashed annoying!" and "Oh phooey!" and "Fudge!"

What, you don't believe me?  You think I said other words?  Hm, you could be right.  Feel free to try guessing what I said in the comments section, if you must!  I don't mind having my blog cluttered up with profanity!

Anyway, so all I could do is push my steed back to work, lock it up and catch the bus home.  Worse still, I had to get up extra early to catch the bus in to work this morning!  The nice part of this was that I caught the same bus as Number One Son and we had a good chat about stuff as we travelled.

And now I am hungry, because I never eat breakfast if I catch the bus - I tend to see it again if I do  :-(

Hoping to get a new chain fitted some time today....

But as the title says - today could be the day!  The day that we get another dog!

We have found someone nearby who has a young Cocker Spaniel that they need to rehome because their toddler is allergic to him.  Mrs RC is meeting up with them and will let me know how things turn out.  If we get him we are thinking of calling him Henry.

More news when I get it!


terri said...

What a frustrating thing to have happen to your bike. Sounds like you were fairly close to work when it happened, so that's a good thing. As far as those naughty words you might have said... sorry, but I imagine you saying "Bloody Hell!" Always sounds so harsh to me when they say it in the Harry Potter movies, but it must not be if they use it in a family movie. Then again, maybe you said something that rhymes with "Buck! Muck! Luckity DUCK!" I would have.

Can't wait to hear about the new dog! I hope there will be pictures if this happens!

agg79 said...

Good luck on the new addition to the family. Keeping our paws crossed that it works out in your favor.

I know it sucks when you bust a chain. I've lost one going full out and got tossed over the handlebars, so I'm glad you didn't have that same problem. I can imagine you were quite peeved and vocal. When frustrated/mad like that, I tend to be a bit of a drama queen (so says the wife) and my language is a bit colorful. Not your run-of-the-mill, PG-13 rated words, but some really bad words that you don't want to hear your children repeating. As I got older, I try to stick with the less inflamatory expressions like: "Santa Maria" or "Dog of Flanders". Somewhat off the beaten path and a bit more family friendly. What did you use? Bollocks?

agg79 said...

Forgot to mention that my first dog (when I was a young kid) was a part Cocker part Water Spaniel named Peanuts. He was a fiesty dog that loved water more than a duck. Lived to a ripe old age of 14+ years. Great dog, not quite as patient with younger kids but that probably comes from growing up in a family of three boys. Good luck with your quest..

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Your chain broke.... I had like 3 bicycles all my life and never once they did that on me.

Come to think of it, I did cursed them not to cross me ever :)