Friday, 26 November 2010

That Friday Feeling!

Plenty to do today - doing a nice big map of possible flood areas for a start!  Going to be fun to see the results!

Also need to do a bit of reading for a seminar this afternoon - mind-numbingly dull, but I guess it has to be done - it all counts towards the degree so who am I to complain?

In between this it is Graduation Day for the students who finished in the summer, so I will spend my lunch break hunting them down with a camera so I can do my usual poster showing the "before" and "after" pictures of those who have been through our department.  It will also be the last time I get to see most of them (although I am "friends" with a few of them on FB).

OK, computer still thinking about the latest stage of my map, so I can write some more.

I am 17 again.

OK, I'm not (thank God), but yesterday I got roped into doing one of those consumer surveys.  I spent a couple of minutes saying how rubbish the new Kit Kat wrapper was and they gave me a token for enough to buy a CD.  Got one that I had on Vinyl back in the day - one that has got songs on that we played in one of my bands.  I still see 2 of that band from that band from time to time (singer and guitarist, I was on bass), but I haven't seen the drummer for a while.  Last time I saw him he said he had worn out his shoulders drumming.  Sad, he was a great drummer - what he lacked in finesse he really really made up for in energy and aggression.  Hm, guess that's why his shoulders are knackered now!

Right,the PC is still thinking about stuff, so I will say bye for now and get some of that reading done!

See?  Studious and multi-tasking!  Am I perfect or what?


terri said...

I guess I wouldn't mind doing one of those surveys if the reward was enough to buy a new CD!

Hope your reading isn't so dull you fall asleep!

Rock Chef said...

Terri - I thought it was a good deal! Just need to fight through the last part of the reading ZZZzzzzzzzzz.

TechnoBabe said...

Studious and multi-tasking. Wow. Too bad about the drummer's shoulders. What is the name of the CD you bought?

Rock Chef said...

Technobabe - Corridors of Power by Gary Moore.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

O Great and Studious One! :)