Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hump Day!!!!

So, what of RC and his little world today, I hear you wonder!

Well first off, to add to my last post about prisons:  at lunchtime I was handed a free newspaper in the street.  Called "Solidarity", it is written by the local Anarchists - yes, we now have Anarchists in Canterbury!  One of the articles describes how they think criminals should be dealt with.

They shouldn't.

It is not their fault that they are scumbags.

It is Society's fault.

Society should look after them, be nice to them, and they will stop being scumbags.

Poor Anarchists - such innocence, so naive...


I am hoping that this afternoon will be nice and quiet (Wednesday afternoons usually are), so I can focus on tackling the assignment that I have been reading for.  As soon as I have finished this one I have another one to start on...


Think I have met the most obnoxious store manager ever.

A new late opening food shop has opened in my town and I visited one evening, partly out of curiosity.  Grabbed a few things and headed to the checkout.  The girl there looked at me and asked if I could use the self service checkout.

"No.  They are against the Geneva Convention.  They are an abomination."


Girl unlocked her till and started scanning my stuff.

Manager wandered over.

"If you had been 5 minutes later you would have had no choice about using the self service checkout."

"Yes I would.  I would have chosen to put down my basket and walk out."

"Ah, people don't like them, but they will, just like they got used to cash machines."

"But cash machines don't accuse you of stealing."

"That's only because people use them wrong.  Just think what a cash machine would do if you put your driving license in it."

"You would have to be a moron to do that."

"Could say the same thing about the checkouts."

He just called me a moron?

(Or maybe he actually did this and thinks I am calling HIM a moron?)

"Well that is why I want to be served by a real person who knows what to do, and why I refuse to use those things, even if it means cycling another 5 miles to the next shop that is still open."

The guy moved off.

I looked at the girl and pulled a face.

She smiled sheepishly and nodded.

As I left I wondered how long that girl could put up with working under a guy like that - and what level of desperation it would take for me to return to that shop!


Karie said...

HAHAHA! You make me laugh. I don't like self checkout much either. However, I figured one day when I'm old and I need adult diapers, dencher cream, or something else embarrassing, they might actually come in handy. Though, it would defeat the point if I couldn't figure it out and someone had to come over to assist me...

terri said...

Just left a whole comment and Blogger said I had to enable cookies.... let's try again...

You don't like the self-checkouts? I LOVE them! The ones around here tend to be monitored by a store employee, so if there are any problems, you get immediate assistance. And you don't have to wait in line behind someone with $300 worth of groceries in their cart.

agg79 said...

I used to avoid those souless, unmanned self-checkouts, but now I am a convert. In the larger chains, it speeds up the process and you can avoid a long line. To me, it is irritating to walk up to the check out lanes only to find two checkouts operational and 5-6 people in line. Now if they can only do something about those people with more than 20 items in their cart...

Rock Chef said...


Terri - Don't you have an express lane for people with just a few things? I would rather line up behind someone with a ton of stuff than use the self service till...

Agg79 - One place I go to you often have 10 people lined up to use the 4 self service checkouts - 2 of which are bleeping and saying "unexpected item in bagging area". Give me a real person...

TechnoBabe said...

Not very welcoming at that place for sure. I think you did a good job of talking to him. I would have preferred not to talk to him at all. We have self serve lanes at grocery stores and some home self work places. I stay away from them too, they occasionally make errors.

Rock Chef said...

TechnoBabe - the best story about these things I have heard is that a friend of mine got in such a mess with one that they GAVE HIM HIS SHOPPING FOR FREE just to get rid of him!

tz said...

oh my gosh I just spit my coffee out...that was funny about the store manager, what an idiot! And your post about the anarchists and prisoners...good Lord, really? I'm pretty liberal but I do think they should be locked away from society so that we stay safe...regardless of what horrible life they've had, most of them still know right from wrong and choose (CHOOSE) wrong...