Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Mr Observant!

This is how it went.

I returned home from walking the dogs to find the rest of the family watching TV. Biggest Loser had just started.

I took off my coat, got a drink, chatted a bit, watched a bit of the show.

The kids started giggling.

What's wrong with you lot?

More giggles, becoming increasingly uncontrollable. My daughter had tears in her eyes.

I failed to see what was funny.

I cleared the table and set up some soldiers for a solo game to try out some new rules.

Bed time arrived and the kids headed up stairs.

Mrs RC asked if my game was finished yet.


You can leave it there over night and finish tomorrow if you like.

I joined her on the sofa.

We watched TV for another hour.


"You're not very observant are you?"

"Not usually." I answered quickly looking around to see what I had missed - new hair style, outfit, furniture, pictures.... Nothing new that I could see.

Finally, seeing my helplessness, Mrs RC pointed at....


Yes, our little old one that we were using until we decided what new one to get had been replaced while I was out with the dogs! They guy next door had just bought himself a new 50" jobbie and gave us his old one. Cool! Takes the pressure for a new one off until after Christmas, at least!

But how did I not notice?



Sid said...

Up until a few weeks/months ago we were watching a tiny, black and white TV set. Now it's been replaced by a huge motherf*cking flat screen. I tell you I'm in love with the new one.

terri said...

It must be a man thing. A couple weeks ago, I bought a new coverlet for the bed. I also got matching shams and covers for the throw pillows. Next day, I found a window valance that coordinated. Later that day, Mark went in and out of the bedroom several times before finally commenting on the new stuff. And then asked, "Ummm... how many days has all that been in there?" I assured him it was new that day, but he's done this kind of thing often enough that he worried he had been oblivious to it for days already.

Shadowthorne said...

You just got a tv from the guy next door? Wow. Charitable as hell.

I got a Toshiba flat-screen 32' HDTV for my PS3 sometime ago. It was awesome. I don't watch tv programmes myself, but I do watch dvds.

Rock Chef said...

Sid - We are still planning to get a flat screen, but can now wait for a real bargain...

Terri - Definitely a man thing. My eldest son does it too.

Shadowthorne - Yes, we have a great neighbour on one side, a not so great one the other side. So you are very pleased with your Toshiba? Another friend told me to stay away from them, so it is nice to see a happy owner!

Wreggie said...

You are a man...simple.

Shadowthorne said...

??? What's wrong with Toshibas? Japanese and Korean electrical appliances / gadgets are the best in the world.

And here in the East, we avoid buying Western stuff for its exorbitant price and unreliability. Usually cars. :)

I love the Morris Mini Minor though. But I can get a bigger and better Japanese car with the same price tag.

jenelle said...

Man genes at their finest. Surprising that it was a TV that was missed... most time technology supercedes the noticing gene deficiency.

agg79 said...

Captain oblivious to the rescue. I'm shocked you didn't notice the new toy right away, but, then again you have been slightly distracted this week. Have fun with the new toy. That's one generous neighbor you have...

Rock Chef said...

Wreggie - the final defence - I am only a man!

Shadowthorne - I am not sure what he had against Toshibas - he certainly recommends other eastern companies. And you are right about the cost of stuff that is made in the west - stupid prices!

Jenelle - To be honest I doubt I would have noticed if we had a robot doing the cleaning!

agg79 - it goes both ways - they are great neighbours and it is good to exchange good turns.

Marie said...

Maybe you're getting old? My dad's like that (but he's a lot older than you).