Friday, 6 November 2009

A big moment (for me)

This lunch time I was headed to the shops when I passed a mobile blood donation unit.

I went in and gave blood - I am O Negative, so my blood went into those little bags that are headed for the baby unit at the hospital. Seeing this gave me a great feeling.

"What is the big deal here?", I hear you ask!

Well I will tell you. This is the first time I have been able to bring myself to do this since we lost Sophie. This was a very big moment for me, believe me.

So, have a great weekend - we are having a BBQ tonight (weather permitting!) and I have got a nice bottle of red waiting for me.

Hey, that reminds me of a radio show that I heard last night. A posh Englishman is being tortured by another posh Englishman.

"I say, this salmon is a little over cooked."

"I know". Evil laugh. "Here have some wine, it might help."

"What's this? Red wine with fish? YOU FIEND!"

Finally, for Terri...


Karie said...


And thank you for all the kind words all the time. You've been a big support for me.

terri said...

I LOVE this version! Love me some Billy Idol! Thanks!

Congratulations on your blood donation. That is definitely a big step... maybe one more step toward a bit of healing. *Hug*

Maybe I'll decide to give blood one of these days too. I haven't been able to since years back when I fainted a few hours after donating. I've been scared ever since. But I'm O+, so I should probably share with those in need...

Have a wonderful weekend!

James said...

Ah at work so could not see the video. Saved from Billy Idol!
Well done for giving the blood. I used to give it regular but have not for some years,I think I slip through the net of the mobile units because of my strange working hours.
I like your ACW units. I was going to do it in 15mm a few years back but then sold off all my stuff.
If you need more I can recommend the Warrior 15mm packs the figures are very good and the armies are a bargain.

Rock Chef said...

Karie - Thanks. Hope things work out for you.

Terri - It is a good version, isn't it? And go and give some blood!

James - These are 10mm figs that I have had for years - might need a few more cavalry, maybe the odd cannon. The 600 infantry or so should see me through!

agg79 said...

Great version of Billy Idol. I'm gonna have to download that version to my iPod.

Congrats on donating blood. I agree it is a huge step. I only wish I could join you in your efforts but I've been banned since I lived overseas in certain areas during the '80s. Would be happy to kick in a pint or two if they'd take me again.