Monday, 2 November 2009

Halloween Weekend

Had a fun, if quiet weekend.

Our party ended up as just family - others that we had invited seem to gave wanted to avoid any chance of catching what Mrs RC had last week. Can't say I blame them - not that we think that she was still contagious or anything!

There was a distinct shortage of Trick or Treaters this weekend! Seems that the Police were patrolling and telling kids not to knock on doors. This makes sense, even if it rather dampens things. We do have a lot of (A) old folks who get worried at this time of year and (B) dodgy characters that you don't want having contact with your kids in our area...

So we ate the food, drank the wine, watched "Shaun of the Dead" (the best Zombie movie ever) and dug out the Tarot cards! All good, harmless fun! Seems that I am going to be really rich sooner or later, and Number One Son will have power at a global level! How can it be wrong?!??!

The weather continues to baffle. We have had great weather for the last couple of weeks, but then it changed on Sunday - rain and high winds pounded the country with flooding in Scotland, apparently. I had to venture into the garden to remove a couple of low branches from out eucalyptus tree that were threatening to cause damage to the shed as it thrashed in the wind. I felt quite the hero as I wrestled with the writhing tree and sawed away at the offending branches, but when I looked back at the house did I see admiring faces at the glass? No, they were all laughing! Ah well. Now I just wish someone had taken a photo!


wigsf said...

At first I balked at your claim of Shaun being the best zombie movie. Then I thought about it for a little while. Is there a better zombie movie than Shaun of the Dead? No, there isn't. Just kinda snuck up on me.

terri said...

Sorry to hear that your party fizzled out, but I'm glad you were able to make the best of it and enjoy the evening anyway.

Rock Chef said...

wigsf - I am glad you agree - I have got a friend who must own just about every Zombie movie ever made, and he has not found one to top Shaun.

Terri - Yes, we had fun - and like I said, it was understandable really, not taking it personally or anything!

Marie said...

Sometimes those are the best times though, aren't they? Just with your family, enjoying the evening together.

As you know from my blog post earlier, there were no Trick or Treaters round mine either. Good!

Rock Chef said...

Marie - Yep, can't complain about good family time! We were all ready for trick or treaters - sweets, cakes and Mr Baseball Bat :-)