Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday Ramblings

Oh the weather our side is frightful!

It is - high winds and rain - forecast to be even worse tomorrow!

Tomorrow, my youngest is taking part in an inter-school quiz. We are going along to cheer him on. Hope he does OK. He is a really clever kid but doesn't usually get involved in stuff like this.

I have got a production line going with my American Civil War soldiers - doing the North first, hoping to be able to recreate the First Day of Gettysburg fairly soon. Then I will work on more troops so I can do the 2nd and 3rd days too!

I have got a short exam on Monday - not looking forward to it, my old brain doesn't like working under those sorts of conditions. Swatting up, trying to force stuff into my creaking cranium, not helped by the fact that I still feel a bit tired and not quite here. Kay sera sera! Whatever will be, will be!

Have a great weekend!


terri said...

Sounds like winter is on its way. Might be a good weekend to hunker down at home and stay warm and dry.

Hope your son does well in the quiz. I'm sure he will!

Good luck with your exam. I'm sure you'll do better than you expect. Seems like you always do.

Shadowthorne said...

Good luck to...
1. Your son - May the Force be With You
2. You & Army gang - May whoever won a long time ago, wins again. Please nobody ruins the plot.
3. You - May the knowledge seeps into that hard cranium of yours before the exam.


James said...

What Shadowthorne said.
Also try not to get wet!

agg79 said...

Hope you stay dry.

Good luck with the Civil staging. Hope you are able to get all of the soldiers in place for each day.

Godd luck as well on the tests. Hope the yongest survived the test and you do well on yours. We are getting to old to keep taking tests like these.