Thursday, 24 July 2008


This lunchtime I decided to sit outside my regular eating hole, the one run my the escaped New Yorker. A while back Kiki asked if his sandwiches were good, as New York has a reputation to live up to.

I think they are great. Here is a picture of the Olympic Burger Delux that I had today:

And it tasted even better than it looked! I am now totally stuffed.

Fun and games tomorrow. A couple of us are being filmed for a short BBC feature on the possible effects of sea level rise on our part of the world. We are producing maps to show the areas under threat. Interesting stuff.

Finally, if you don't already read Terri's wonderful blog, please drop by there. She is about to do the most wonderfully selfless thing I can imagine. She and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Have a wonderful day!


Teresa said...

Oh my that sandwich looks so GOOD!! That's one thing I regret about our NYC trip...I wish I would have eaten at a "real" Deli. Oh well...I'll just have to go back now! Darn it!

Terri is my hero!

Jen said...

THAT looks incredibly yummy!

(Terri is incredible!)

jenelle said...

You are making me hungry! Looks delicious.

I'm going nuts waiting to hear about Terri even though I know she's fine. What a woman.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Teresa - We once considered a trip to NY as a "food holiday", just going around trying everything! Terri is my hero too!

Jen - Agreed on both counts!

Jenelle - Me too - I lost count of the number of times I checked her blog for news yesterday before realizing that with the time difference she had probably not even arrived at the hospital yet!

Kiki said...

That sandwich does look it on ciabiatta(sp?) bread??? Looks delish for sure!!!

I had no internet yesterday so when I wanted to check in I couldn't!!!! Thank goodness I got there today and saw that she is doing well!!!

We'll keep her in prayers though for sure...

Anonymous said...

Mmmm... that sandwich looks awesome!

I got home today. You knew I couldn't stay away long!

Um Naief said...

ok, the sandwich looks very New Yorky! don't think i could eat it w/out some serious heart burn! altho, hubby would love it!

it'd be interesting to see the documentary... i recently saw one on the states and how ppl can't get out from under their loans and no one will buy because of the threat of the rising water levels...