Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Hot nights

How did that line in "Good Morning Vietnam" go?

"It's hot and it's wet! That's great when you're with a lady, but not when you're in the jungle..."

Something like that, anyway!
Well the last couple of night have been a bit like that here - hotter and more humid than normal.
I love it hot, I must admit. My wife doesn't.
We flopped on the bed.
I soon dozed.
The next thing I knew the fan was blasting across the bed, wonderfully cooling but sounding like a the Enola Gay preparing for take-off.
Cooler than before, I dozed again.
Then I am being shaken.
"Do you mind if I turn the fan off? I can't sleep, it is too noisy."
The fan goes off.
I doze again.
Shaking again.
"Is the window open? It is really hot."
"Yes, they are all open. It is hot, isn't it, lovely."
"No, it's horrible, I can't sleep."
I doze again.
"Do you want a drink?"
"OK." I down a glass of blackcurrant.
I doze.
"What time is it?"
"Five to two."
I doze.
"Shit, it's a quarter past seven!"
"What? No! Shit!"
Where did the night go? My body complained as I dragged it into the bathroom and threw cold water over it, feeling more tired than I had when I went to bed.


James said...

I have been working overtime so am not in bed during the hot nights but am asleep through the day. It has been very hot but I must admit nothing stops me sleeping...

Anonymous said...

No air conditioning? I hope you can catch up on your sleep again soon. I always find it miserable to sleep when it's hot and humid.

James said...

Haha terri the very idea...houses in England don't have air conditioning the main problem is keeping them warm and dry.

Teresa said...

Are you serious? The houses don't have a/c? Wow! With the rising costs of EVERYTHING these days...we were trying very hard to not turn our a/c on this summer...but we caved 2 or 3 times already b/c it was miserable. Oh well, it's better than running it every day like we would normally have. I too like it to be nice and comfy cool during the nite...that's the best sleep!

Jen said...

I have A/C, but my nights have been strangely interrupted sleep for the past week. I'm exhausted too! I would just love one night to be able to sleep through it.

How hot is it across the pond? Here it's 103-degrees Fahrenheit (39.4-degrees Celsius for you) & humid, humid, humid.

Ali said...

Hmm, maybe you were so tired because of some middle of the night ahem, "hugging" that you forgot about?
With all those wakeups something was bound to slip your mind ;)

Chief Rock Chef said...

James - When I used to do nights I remember only managing 2 hours sleep a day. OK at first but not good after a while. I am normally a good sleeper but that really killed me.

Terri - We normally only need it for a couple of weeks each year, so as James said, we don't have AC.

Teresa - No, we don't have AC, just lots of fans scattered about for our few hot days and nights.

Jen - We have it a lot cooler than you - mid 20s C at the moment, hottest recorded was about 34 C a couple of years ago.

Ali - No comment! ;-)

kenady said...

I love that line from "Good Morning Vietnam". And your reference to the Enola Gay was funny:)

I can't sleep when it's super hot either. The other night when we had no power I woke up frequently. Being sticky from the heat when you're sleeping is not a good feeling.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Kenady - I find it hard to sleep during blackouts - I guess I am used to there being a certain level of light from the landing and street lights outside. Glad you like the Good Morning Vietnam line - after posting it I wondered if it was above my usual sensorship rating, but we are all adults here!