Monday, 30 June 2008


Well we had wonderful weather over the weekend, and today is another SCORCHA, as the lower grade new papers would say.

Had a great weekend, including a day out shopping on Saturday where my daughter went to the make-up department of one of the big shops here and had a "free" make-over. I say "free" because afterwards we bought her a new set of concealer, foundation and brush that made it anything but "free". But it was worth it, she had a great time and the new "look" is really good.

While all this was going on, I took the boys to the computer game shop and then off for something to eat - we all pigged out while the girls weren't looking and making us feel guilty :-)

Sunday was just as good, except the food was more healthy but just as delicious - a fabulous chicken salad with baby new potatoes, vinaigrette dressing, etc. Hmmmm! Then, in the evening, just to ruin it all, I made a huge strawberry trifle. Hmmmmmmm! So bad but so GOOD!

Today I had to go to the bank in my lunch break. The queue was massive and there were only two and a half people on the tills!

As I neared the front of the queue I turned to the guy behind me:

"I was 16 when I joined this line."

"I was conceived here."

"Oh, I wondered what those noises had been, but you don't like to look do you?"

Then the girl in front of me went to the counter - can I have some money, I don't know my account number, I don't have any proof of who I am, but I want to go shopping. After several days of questioning the cashier was happy that she was who she said she was but then found that she didn't have any money in her account to withdraw! Oh, I should have some money...

Then it was my turn to get served, so I never found out what happened to her. I think she probably got lynched by the rest of the customers!

Have a great Monday everyone!


territerri said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I'm always somewhat jealous when I read about how your family does all these things together. I have such a hard time ever getting all of my family together in one place.

tz said...

hahaha, what a funny conversation in line (oh sorry, the queue) -- I love it when there's a random person who can come back w/ a funny retort when you say something like that...when that happens I always want to know more about that person, but know that it isn't to be so, just some random moment shared in humor.

Princess of the Universe said...

How was there 1/2 a person at a till??? :P

Chachi said...

Glad you all had a great weekend. Over the weekend our weather was also hot and humid. Do you have much humidity there?

I bet your daughter really enjoyed her makeover. I did that with Hannah awhile back and she thought that was so awesome. But I refused to buy their product as I knew we could get similar product at a less expensive store.

? about the Wii. Over here ours cost about $350.00 plus you have to purchase the hand remotes separate ($40. each). They alway get extra money out of you somewhere.

Chachi said...

I'm with princess of the univ., what about the 1/2 person?

Teresa said...

Still laughing about the jokes in line! I waited in line for about that long this weekend too and I'm sorry to say that my 4 (almost 5) year old daughter was more patient than ME! **must work on this**

Sounds like a great family weekend!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Terri - I think it gets harder to get everyone together as they get older - we have Saturdays where the 2 oldest go off with friends, just leaving us with the 9 year old "baby".

tz - I love starting random conversations like that - often very rewarding and I think it spreads a bit of good will, always a good thing!

Princess - The half person was on the Bureau de Change, and dealt with normal customers when not changing currency. Probably missed a good joke there, but never mind.

Chachi - Your Wii price actually seems comes out about the same as ours! Amazing! Usually things seem to be a straight dollar to pounds conversion! Having to have extra remotes does push up the price a fair bit, but we picked them up gradually.

Teresa - I wonder if you are going to be like me - my kids often behave and react in much more mature ways than I do.

amazingbrenda said...

That's hilarious! Good sense of humor goes along way.
The makeover sounds wonderful!! How fun, glad she enjoyed it. I would too.

Glad to see your video. Hope you had a great time. The Gap joke, lol. very funny. The pictures of the sunset are awesome! That is so cool that you got to share them. You have become famous in my book. :)

The school event sounds so fun. Can't wait to do stuff like that with our children. It's cool that everyone had fun, even the friends. You guys rock!!