Thursday, 26 June 2008

Good vibrations

Weren't The Beach Boys fab?

Anyway, I am NOT blogging about The Beach Boys! I just wanted to say that life is feeling very good right now.

The weather is fantastic.

Somehow I am going to be a little bit richer each month - not sure how that happened, but it is always good!

I have decided that I am not having as much guitar time as I would like, so I have brought one of my guitars in to keep at work, along with stuff so I can listen through earphones. This particular guitar is very nice to play but gets very little use at home. I tried it out this lunchtime, sitting in the Cathedral grounds, melting my own ears but happy that I was not disturbing anyone else. Great fun.

Finally, my eldest was taken on a special school trip as a reward for being one of the best achievers in the school. They went to Chessington World of Adventures, one of our best theme parks. He came back and told us about the rides. He described them in intricate detail - e.g. the one where you are on a railway doing loops and stuff and the seats rotate so sometimes you are looking forwards, sometimes backwards, sometimes sideways - I got scared just listening to him - then he would say something like "we did that one 4 times!" Wow, I was (am) such a chicken when it comes to things like that!

Tonight I am off to dinner with some of my colleagues to say farewell to one of the guys who is retiring. We are going traditional: curry and beer! I can get a lift home if I indulge too much, so don't worry about my crashing into a ditch singing "Surfing USA" because I am drunk!

Have a nice day!


territerri said...

I'm so glad things are going well for you! (And yes, I love the Beach Boys. In my childhood, we were somewhat retro in our music tastes and we were listening to the Beach Boys while the rest of the world was into disco.)

I have never been able to handle those major thrill rides either. My kids seem to have inherited my chickenitis in that respect.

I'm also glad to hear you have a plan for the evening. We can't have you drinking and cycling now, can we?

Teresa said...

I'm laughing just picturing you riding into a ditch singing a Beach Boy tune and all the more happier for doing it! LOL!!

I'm glad to hear you are happy!! I guess it's just plain going around huh? That's okay with me!

Congrats to your son! That ride was freaking me out just reading about it! What WILL they think of next??

kenady said...

I used to be a big roller coaster buff, but no one wants to ride them with me:) My husband is a big fat chicken and my kids aren't old enough yet:) Then I saw and episode of CSI (Las Vegas) where a rollercoaster car came unhooked from the others and flew off the tracks killing a person or two; since then I have not been so eager to get on a roller coaster:)

I hope you have a good time this evening! Go ahead and indulge! We all deserve a bit of fun from time to time:)

And, as the other girls said, am so excited that you are HAPPY! This time of year just compounds the happy factor for me! Glad that I can share it w/ one of my blogger friends:)

jenelle said...

Hope you had a fabulous and safe evening. Thank you for being responsible and not driving. Those on the road thank you as well.

Sing at the top of your lungs and enjoy the evening, even if it is the Beach Boys!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Terri - Ooh, disco was a terrible thing, especially for gangly people with no physical coordination (like me)!

Teresa - I managed to restrain myself drink-wise, but I did "sing" (I use the term loosely) Surfing USA while riding home.

Kenady - You hear horror stories about these rides from time to time - people falling out, getting killed or injured in some way - but all in all they are probably one of the safest ways of having fun and excitement. Safer than crossing a busy road, I would say!

Jenelle - What's wrong with The Beach Boys? I am starting to wonder if you are secretly into grunge metal or something ;-)

mr zig said...

I've always considered bringing a guitar to work! That is a great idea... when i get a job again I'll have to work that in :)

Anonymous said...

I learned what pot smelled like at my first Beach Boys concert in '82. So what kind of guitar is it that you brought to work? Fender, Gibson, Charvel, Epiphone?


tz said...

love days like that! We were at the pool having dinner with some family and friends the other day and some people brought guitars and had an impromptu jam session

it just made me so happy...

music is great like that (as are family and friends)

enjoy your time w/ you guitar!

and congrats on your son w/ his achievment.

James said...

That's cool taking the geeetar into work John..I can imagine you cycling with it on your back then later in the cathedral. You didn't mention what Fat Jedi Cat thought of it...

Did you have a pay rise or just get even more frugal? Everyone else in the UK is getting poorer by the day...

Chief Rock Chef said...

Zig - It is a good way to spend the time - I am sure you have got a spare guitar by now, or would you need another one for the purpose? ;-)

Knot - Hi! Great to see you! The guitar is an Aria Strat copy - cheap and cheerful, but plays as nicely as a lot of real strats that I have tried.

tz - I haven't had a jam in a long time, probably 3 years - I was so drunk that my fingers just did the playing and even when I had a conscious thought of how I should be playing the fingers vetoed me and carried on. It was great fun.

James - Jedi Cat ignored me, sleeping in the shade of a tree on the other side of the garden. It was a pay rise - I am hoping it will at least cancel out a lot of the price hikes that are going on!