Thursday, 12 June 2008

Shopping for girlie stuff...

Today is our anniversary - 23 years together, 7 years married.

Yesterday lunchtime I went out to buy one of my wife's presents, a pink grapefruit set from The Body Shop. I strolled in and, whammo, the sales assistant was there, telling me what a great set it was and if I was to spend a few pounds more I would also get a free gift set.

No thanks, I have got what I came for.

Maybe there is someone else that you could get a gift for.

No, not really, not right now.

How about something for yourself, do you use any of our men's product ranges?

This made me smile.

Do I look like a guy who uses "products"?

Well, yes. (Smile)

If I hadn't known better I would have thought that this girl, young enough to be my daughter, was hitting on me. All she really wanted, of course, was the sale.

But if you don't we do a great range. Don't you use any face moisturiser, or anything like that?

Very rarely, my current bottle is around 5 years old and it was half empty when my wife passed it on to me.


Having escaped from her, I headed to the checkout.

Do you realise that if you spent an extra few pounds you would also get a free gift set?

I had to laugh.

You are BAD PEOPLE, do you know that? No wonder my daughter spends so much when she comes here! Thank you, but this is all I want. You are BAD PEOPLE.

PS Just saw this story:


mr zig said...

Congrats on the Anniversary, and Congrats for getting outta that store having purchase only what you came for!

Joe said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

You are the second of my regular blog stops that has a June 12th anniversary. (Married Leos:

Something must be in the air!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Zig - Yes, I was proud of myself!

Joe - Thanks. I am a Leo too. The plot thickens...

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! They may be bad people, but they are good sales people. That is exactly why I never get out of Victoria's Secret for less than $50.00.

kenady said...

Being a retail girl myself, I must say the young lady did a fine job, but should have done a better job reading her customer... that you were all set and ready to go!

Happy Anniversary!

A pig afraid of the dirt? Wow, what an oxymoron.

jenelle said...

Happy anniversary.

Sitting in Silence said...

Happy anniversay......

Oh and you are a LEO ?.....same here....


Chief Rock Chef said...

Terri - You must be strong, resist their evil powers...

Kenady - I wondered what you and Kiki would make of it all, and you are absolutely right. But I am sure YOU would have made the sale!

Jenelle - Thanks!

Sitting in Silence - You are? Cool. The world needs more Leo's!

Chachi said...

Happy Anniversary!

I detest push sales people. I polite tell them I don't need any help and if they don't leave me alone, I take my business else where.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Chachi - You are a tough one!