Friday, 20 June 2008

For Brady

Kenady's little boy has decided that he wants to be a dinosaur rider when he grows up. This reminded me of an old wargames army of mine, which comes from a fantasy Lord of the Rings type world. They are the Lizardmen!

At one time this triceratops carried cavemen, but at some point they became Lizardmen. I think it still works, though.

Veloceraptors provide back-up...

...while dino-riders guard the flanks...

...and pterodactyl riders fly top gun.

Hope he likes them


Sitting in Silence said...

I am sure he will ove them

Great pics !

amazingbrenda said...

Cool, we get to see pictures. I'm sure they will be a hit.

It's been a while, ur tent sounds great. I'm sure the summer camping will be fun.

Sorry to hear about your daughter. Inded you will see her one day. Our prayers are with you & your family. She sounds precious.

About your green plane, that totally rocks! Wish you still had it.

Btw, Happy belated Father's day! Hope you ahd a great one.

For the holidays, I think we will spend it at home with our kids & maybe invite some people over for games & such. Maybe will go skiing. I don't know, I've never been skiing.

Wow, I have lots to catch up. I'm glad I get to read your blogs you make me laugh.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Sitting in Silence - Thanks, I know this is not really a post that you girls will be very interested in.

AmazingBrenda - Thanks, I hope he likes them. I have never been skiing either - I know I would break something if I did so it is not really a problem for me. Hope you heve fun if you do, though. Glad you still enjoy reading my stuff!

Anonymous said...

Jake would have loved this in his younger days. He had a huge dinosaur collection, including a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex. Of course, now he's only interested in cars. The real ones!

James said...

More toys John!! What scale are those, 15mm or 25mm?

jenelle said...

amazing detail and creativity.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Terri - I think a lot of boys go through a dinosaur stage - many also progress to a car stage that lasts for ever!

James - These are 15mm - Lizardmen are Chariot Minis, raptors are Ral Partha, Triceratops is Early Learning Centre with stuff added.

Janelle - Thanks, glad you like them.

kenady said...

Hi Chief! Thank you sooooo much for posting these pics:) I just got on the computer this morning and saw that you had them posted! You are such a love!

I'm grabbing Brady right now to look at them:) Be back!

kenady said...

Back again! Brady said his favorites are the velociraptors(sp?). McKenna loved the triceratops and both of the kids asked if the dinosaurs are nice dinosaurs. I said I thought they were:)

Brady and McKenna say thank you for putting those pictures on your 'puter:)

Chief Rock Chef said...

Kenady - Glad you all liked them. The Triceratops and Veloceraptors are my favourites too. These dinosaurs are very nice unless you upset them or their friends - they don't like bullies.

Teresa said...

How sweet of you to think of Brady!! Glad he enjoyed them! I can't help but think about how funny it is that you and Brady play with the same toys....LOL!!