Monday, 15 April 2013

Back to normal

The Easter Holiday has come to an end - the kids go back to school tomorrow and Number One Son headed back to Uni today.  He still has a week before lectures start again but he wanted to get some revision started and get his head back into Uni mode before it all starts again.

Yesterday we all went out for a family meal.  We returned to the all you can eat Chinese/Indian/Thai place and had a great time.  After a couple of plates of starters I headed to the stir fry bar.  Taking a plate I got some noodles, beansprouts, spring onions and a pile of prawns.  The chef asked me how I wanted it done - I said "Spicy".

A waitress looked at me.  "Are you sure? It is really hot!"

I smiled.  "Bring it on!"

It wasn't hot.

It was very tasty.


But it was certainly NOT HOT!

So I returned to the stir fry bar, piled up another plate, and asked the chef to make it hotter.  He smiled and nodded.

The waitress was very timid when she brought me the cooked food.  She told me repeatedly that it was going to be really hot.  She even asked me not to go back and complain about it!

I tasted it.

It as hot.

After a couple of mouthfuls I could feel that I was starting to sweat.

That was more like it!

I turned and, catching the chef's eye, gave him a cheery thumbs up.

Mrs RC and the kids seemed to expect me to overheat at some point, but I didn't, although I did sweat a fair amount...

So life returns to normal again - for a while at least...


While in London on Sunday, Number One Son and I started talking to a Scottish guy.

He loudly declared:|

"Ahm frm GLAZ-gor!"  (trans - I am from Glasgow!)

My reply was understated in a very English way:


This made him really happy as, having lived in London for 20 years he felt he had lost his accent - apparently people in GLAZ-gor refused to accept that he was a native any more!

I love encounters like this, you meet some great people.


agg79 said...

I love good, spicy Chinese food, but I tend to get heartburn if I push it too hard. You must have a cast iron stomach to be able to handle the really hot stuff. We recently discovered a place that serves Mongolian BBQ - sounds similar to what you had. You get to pick your meats and vegetables and have the chef cook it up in a giant wok adding various sauces to you liking.

Rock Chef said...

Agg79 - Sounds good - I like the feeling that I have a bit of control over what I am eating.

Abby said...

HA, I like how the waitress kept covering her back!

Rock Chef said...

Sadly I think you have to in this age of compensation claims! People sue for anything and everything. I saw recently that schools are having play aparatus dismantled because they get sued if a kid gets a scrape or bruise! Mrs RC thought the restaurant might ask me to sign a waiver before giving me my food! I have seen this done on Man vs Food where very spicy food is involved...

Riot Kitty said...

I love your reply to that guy! We kept wondering why our favorite Thai place wasn't spicy anymore and finally figured out that we are less gringo than we used to be.

Rock Chef said...

Riot Kitty - Hm, maybe you will have to ask the chef to spice things up a bit :-)

ShadowRun300 said...

I like a little kick to some foods, but nothing like you've described. Glad you finally were able to convince him to heat it up for you!
Sure hope you weren't laid up on the couch afterwards with horrible stomach pains like some people I know. ahem. (and I just had rice!)

Rock Chef said...

ShadowRun300 - No, I was fine - more than fine, actually, as I think it helped to clear up a throat thing that had been hanging around for a while!

terri said...

I like the sounds of that buffet restaurant! I like hot food, but I'm not sure I can handle "sweaty" hot!

During Easter brunch each year, my brothers and I compete to see who can handle the hottest horseradish sauce.

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh I love spicy / hot food too! The spicier the better!

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Mrs RC loves horseradish sauce, but I am not fond of it for some reason. Can I request a blog post about your competitions?

Meleah Rebeccah - Really? I never thought of you as the spicy food type!

wReggie said...

I got into a nest of drunk Brits Saturday night who were here for the Masters. Because they were drunk, they were not holding back on the accents. It was all I could do to hang in there and understand their jokes.