Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Odds and Ends

Hi!  Good to be back and returning to regular blogging!

Well the summer has been non-stop - really busy all round.  Can't believe it is now the end of August!

We had to have one of our rabbits, Blossom, put down the other day.  He was the brown one who we thought was a female but turned out to be a male and fathered the babies we have now got.  He had shown no sign of being unwell but seems to have had a stroke, losing all muscle power in his back half.  Poor thing.  I like to think that he enjoyed his time with us and is now bounding around bunny-heaven.

Talking of death, I am dead again!  You may remember that a year or so ago my bank thought I had died?  Well now another organisation has decided I am pushing up the daisies!  What is it about me?  Do people just wish me dead or something?  Don't answer that!  I am almost expecting to be arrested for faking my own death...

So, back to the routine again - next stop Christmas!  Going to be a busy few months I can tell you!  I got a fair bit of ground work done on be dissertation, and have just found some more things I can do with my data - then it is time to hit the writing - I want to get most of that done by Christmas so I only have to do a bit if polishing after that.  Wish me luck!

More soon...


Ms. ~K said...

So sorry to hear about Blossom...Rabbits have very little will to live when not well, and usually go quickly, mercifully!
Sounds like you are going to busy the next few months, but in a good way, exercising your mind!
(I sound like an old, retired school teacher, hih?)
Take care,

terri said...

Poor Blossom! I'm sure you're right. He's playing happily in bunny heaven, and I know he enjoyed spending time with such an animal-loving family.

Glad you're back!

agg79 said...

Sorry to hear about Blossom. He had a good life and passed too quickly.

I hear that rumors of your death have been greatly exagurated. Either that or you are becoming one of the walking dead.

Take heart. Christmas is only 116 days until Christmas...