Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday again!

Had a really busy week - the Uni (Lancaster) looks great as does the town.  Really impressed with it all and Number One Son is hoping to get in next year.  His chosen subject is Maths and Theoretical Physics...

I can't do a long post as I am half way through making pizzas, but just want to say that if you are in the path of Irene, please stay safe!

More soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I like pizza. Please discuss this pizza.

agg79 said...

Welcome back from the U-tour!
The east coast is going ga-ga over Irene. Down in Florida, they put up with several hurricanes each year, so for them, this is no big thing. We don't get them as often in our part of the Gulf, but we do tend to go overboard when a big one pops up off shore,

Keep watching the news. Expect lots of "wave shots" (reporters standing on the shoreline getting soaked and commenting on how windy it is).

terri said...

I'm sure #1 Son will get in, no problem.

Great way to spend the day... making pizzas! I know your family will enjoy dinner tonight!

Shrinky said...

Great to hear the Uni checked out well, your eldest is obviously a very bright kid, judging from his options, I'm sure he'll be fine and make you all proud!

How was the pizza?