Thursday, 18 August 2011

Busy busy busy!

This week's conference has kept me really busy, hence my lack of posting and commenting!

The day on London was really good.

Frou Frou has been "done", so no surprise puppies for us now!  We are supposed to keep her calm and stop her running around too much but all she wants to do is go back to running over the furniture, chasing cats and play fighting with Custard!  I am sure she will be fine, though.

We had the baby rabbits sexed yesterday - seems we have one boy and one girl.  However, there seems to have been a bit of debate and confusion before the decision was made, so Mrs RC is not totally convinced they got it right...  Ah well, we will be having the "boy" done next month - they will find out the truth then I guess!

My leg didn't fall off in the end - no need for Wigsf's invention (see comments in previous post), thank God!  Not that I am sure it would work very well though - what happens when you break wind?  I think your leg would fall off again!

Leaving you with that thought...


agg79 said...

Good thing you are getting the kiddies fixed up there. Any more critters and you might have to start building an arc. Good luck keeping Frou Frou calm. After surgery, some dogs don't to be quiet and to want to chase squirrels and play tug-of-war (my two did).

terri said...

A boy and a girl rabbit! Good thing you're getting things taken care of!

Busy is good! Just don't work TOO hard!

Anonymous said...

I need to get Tootie spayed, but keep putting it off because of the expense. She's "an only dog" and I'm outside with her when she is, so there won't be any surprise offspring. One can break a leg when passing gas you say?!! The hub just throws his back out...I'll leave you with that thought.
And have a relaxing weekend!

TechnoBabe said...

If you have a male and a female it may already be too late?

Glad Frou Frou is feeling so energetic after the alteration.