Thursday, 11 August 2011

Did I really eat all that?

Had a great birthday yesterday.

As I have probably said before, I never work on my birthday.  I nearly had to do it a few years ago, but in the week before my eldest daughter was with me doing work experience and she persuaded my boss to give me the day off.

Woke up early to get the dogs walked, then had the morning out and about with Mrs RC and our younger daughter while the boys slowly woke up.

Opened my presents - all well chosen - my family knows what makes me happy.  There wasn't one particularly big present as I had already had my new guitar (must do a video to show this off!!!!)

Then I called a taxi to take us to dinner.

Looking at the menu I saw what I wanted, but it was something that was supposed to be shared by two. Ribs, half a chicken, wings, battered prawns...  Mrs RC told me that it was my birthday and that I should have it anyway.  If I had trouble she was sure that I would have help finishing it all.

So I ordered it.

The waiter looked at me in a strange way, I must say.

But, apart form 2 ribs which were stolen from me, I ate the lot, much to the waiter's amazement.  It was so delicious I just kept on eating.  The kids said it was like watching Man vs Food.  I even found room for a large sundae for dessert. 

Yes, I  am a pig.  OINK OINK!

Then we went home and I played guitar for a while and then went for the evening dog walk, which helped things settle nicely.

The evening was spent watching a totally gross movie - Rutger Hauer in "Hobo with a Shotgun".  This was like a cross between Deathwish, Robocop and Mad Max (with a touch of Running Man), but with much more blood and guts.  If you like that sort of thing you will love it - if not, stay well away.  You have been warned  :-)

Then it was off to bed for an early night - I need my beauty-sleep you know  :-)


agg79 said...

Sound like a good, quiet birthday. But if you keep eating like that, you might not fit on your bike.

Thanks for the Hobo report. I've seen the trailers on the net and was thinking about getting it just for the laughs. Looks to be about as much entertainment as "Snakes on a Plane". I would guess it won't be winning any Oscars.

Rock Chef said...

Agg79 - far more fun than Snakes on a Plane, but definitely no Oscars...

Cinner said...

Happy Blasted birthday, i am glad you had a nice day. take care.

TechnoBabe said...

Hubby and I missed your birthday. He got all the wood and hardware to make a set of garage doors and he took down the old garage doors. Hard work. It was hard to sit in my chair with my book and watch all that hard work. Ha. Anyway, it sounds like you had a great birthday. Hope there are many many more.

Rock Chef said...

TechnoBabe - Sounds like you had a productive day though. I intend to have many more birthday, thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a nice way to spend your birthday. And they say Americans eat too much, haha! I would have taken half of it home with me for lunch the next day. Rutger Hauer! Now that goes back a long ways. Is he still making movies? Or was this just an old one? Glad you had a good day. Hopeful for many more like it!

Rock Chef said...

Ninny - it is a new movie, and he looks REALLY old...

terri said...

I can't believe you ate all that either! Now I'm beginning to wonder if the Blackadder was really the source of your stomach problems or if it was just a catalyst to clean all that food out of your system!

Glad you had a great birthday. You deserve it!