Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Going to the dogs...

As you have probably seen on TV, Britain is going to the dogs - riots, looting, burning buildings.  Not a pretty site.

Of course, saying that the country is "going to the dogs" is being unfair to the dogs.  I am sure that dogs would not make such a mess of the place.

There are people out there who are saying that the rioters are mainly poor, unemployed, disadvantaged young people with no prospects for the future.  Well somehow these poor people seem to be coordinating their movements on their Blackberries!  Now I certainly can't afford to give my kids Blackberries, so it looks like I am even more disadvantaged (and poor) that the rioters!  Maybe I should get out there and burn a few cars and loot PC World or something too!

(No, I am not being serious - if you are a Policeman please do not come around and arrest me, but please feel free to raid the drug dealer in the next street - thanks.)

I feel really sorry for the Police in all this - they are expected to protect people and property but recent court cases have left them powerless and unable to tackle violent people with the necessary force.  They know that if they hit someone they will end up in court on an assault charge or worse!  There is a time and a place for a bit of Police violence, and the place is here and the time is right now!  How will people coming to see and take part in the Olympics feel safe if we don't crack down on this stuff? Of course, having the Police budget cut by around 20% is not helping either...


I am not around tomorrow - I will be off celebrating my birthday. 

I will be thirty-eighteen.

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to ME!
Happy Birthday dear RC
Happy Birthday to me.


Shrinky said...


I'm all for drafting in the army and their water cannons - this isn't protest, it's sheer avarice, and you're right, no one appears to have any bite left to put a stop to it.

My best mate lives in Croyden, I'll save it for a blog post regards the sheer bloody terror she's living through. As you know, my hubby works in central London - his office (and hundreds of others) closed up early today AGAIN, because everyone is simply too afraid to be out after 6pm.


Both you and I have kids in that age group - I'm guessing neither yours or mine are out vandalising the neighbourhood.

Such a pity some of the parents of these hooilums weren't castrated at birth..

Anonymous said...

So happy birthday, Mr. Youngun! You know, I've been 29 for the last 30 years. As for the riots and the police...what those hooligans need are a bunch of Southern Good Ole Boy sheriffs. The kind with bulging muscles, hip holsters and mirrored aviator sunglasses. Yes, they do exist and they don't put up with cr...uh, anything.

Don't let the candles on your cake burn the house down, :)

terri said...

I heard about the rioting and how it continues to spread. I worried about you and your family. I do hope things come under control soon. It's ridiculous that the police can't use the necessary means to do so.

Hope you have a VERY happy birthday! (Thirty-eighteen! I love it!)

agg79 said...

I was wondering if any of that chaos had affected your town/family. Glad to hear you are not part of the anarchy. I have seen the flash mob thing done before but not to this level of trouble. I agree with your lament over how the police are powerless to do the necessary actions to quell these problems. Sometimes you need a heavy hand to keep things from getting out of hand. Bring out the water cannons and tear gas and batons.

agg79 said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday, old man! As I was told onee, you wear it well. You are starting to catch up to me.

Rock Chef said...

Shrinky - Croydon was terrible - we watched as a whole block burnt down! And no, my kids aren't out there. We hear parents saying "well they are 12, you can't know where they are all the time". You bloody well can!

Ninny - Maybe we can work out a work placement thingy - give some of your guys some time over here!

Terri - We are a long way from the nearest trouble, but I expect that this weekend will see some violence in the middle of our town. The fair is here...

Agg79 - We should have a shared party if I manage to catch you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh man...I made sure to stop by and wish you a Happy Birthday and check to make sure you were safe with all that is going on. So sad!! But I am glad you are safe and hopefully it will come to an end soon.

Teresa (Logzie)