Monday, 15 August 2011

And that was Monday!

Helping to make sure a conference goes off smoothly.

It is only Monday and I think one of my legs is about to fall off - still I have got another one, so nothing to complain about really!

The route of my trip in 2013 has just had a big spanner thrown into the works - looks like one of the people I am hoping to meet up with might not be in the same place by then!  Trying to work out how far south I can can go and still have time to stop and enjoy the sites!  Ah well, plenty of time to think about that sort of thing!

Off to London tomorrow with the conference - should be fun!

More soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you've got this product in the UK or a similar type of product, but over here in Canada, we've got this thing called Herman's Leg Clips. Basically, it's a belt you strap around the thick part of your thigh. On this belt is fastened a telescopic rod which runs perpendicular to the belt and upwards into your bumhole. The principal behind this product is that it uses the clenching nature of your bum to hold your legs so that they don't fall off your person.

terri said...

Looks like wigsf3 has your leg-falling-off problem all figured out. Laughed so hard I snorted! :-)

I'm sure you'll have your trip all figured out long before you take off. Don't worry! I will be just where you expect me to be! Wouldn't miss this for the world!

agg79 said...

Not sure if I'd like to test market those leg clips. I'd stick with the tried and true fixitall - duct tape. The universal solution to all of the world's problems.

Sounds like the trip is building up steam. Got an agenda and itinerary, yet?