Monday, 11 July 2011


Had a really good weekend.

Much of it was spent playing on my new guitar, which is even better than I thought it was - beautiful ringing clear tones and screaming sustain when cranked up for some ROCK!

I did manage to stop playing long enough to make the best pizzas I have ever made - not sure what I did differently, so not sure I can replicate it!  Ah well.

Sunday the weather was just amazing so we had a barbeque in the afternoon - sausages, burgers, pork steaks, chicken breasts and ribs.  At one point I wondered if I was cooking too much stuff, but we ate it all.  Moving was a little uncomfortable but hey, sometimes it just has to be done! 

My daughter came back from her Geography trip to Wales and had had a great time.  She stayed at a farm in the middle of hills and mountains - one house and thousands of sheep.  It was so remote that she had to climb to the top of one of the hills/mountains to get a phone signal!  She loved that the animals got priority over people - one of the boys disturbed some sheep and the farmer (shotgun under his arm) told him to stop or he would shoot him!  She would move there given the chance...

Have a great week!  More soon.


Shrinky said...

Sounds she had a blast (almost literally)!

Glad the guitar is proving even better than you'd hoped - does this mean we can expect a recording or two in the near future?

Isn't it great when the weather allows us out for the odd BBQ?

Rock Chef said...

Shrinky - Yes, I think I might do a quick video to show the guitar off...

James said...

It's always nice when a guitar rises past expectations, and I'm glad the rest of your weekend was equally nice.

In the same vein, we are beginning a new music project here: I'm going to remix and remaster all seven of the Bipolar Shaman tunes using my new Strat, and add three more new ones. Then we intend to do Google advertising, and offer the songs in a "pay what you think it's worth" model.

We'll also do full-length videos for each song.

Have a great week!

TechnoBabe said...

The other post about your daughter who would be 24 jerked my heart this morning. I like that you and your family acknowledge her and how much she is missed.

I know you were having a blast with the new guitar. Did you get some new strings for it? Hubby switched strings and got used to them and likes them better now.

It sounds like a lot of food to cook on the barbecue, but then I remember how many people are in your family. I am a meat lover, more than hubby is, and I really enjoy it when he does the barbecue thing. Yum. Glad you and your family enjoyed your weekend.

Rock Chef said...

James - That is a lot of work you are planning there, but I am sure it will be great fun with a great result! Love the "pay what it is worth" idea too!

TechnoBabe - New strings make a huge difference to a guitar - any guitar! I now use D'Addario strings, starting with a .009, a change from my old Rotosound .008s that I used to use all the time. I try to replace them every couple of months, less frequently for bass guitar strings.

We try to keep our daughter's memory alive for the younger ones (in a good way, we hope). We hate it when those who are gone are just not talked about - that is not healthy, IMO.

tz said...

are your kids in school now? or do they extend field trips into the summer? I just read a book that took place in Wales and although the book fell flat, the descriptions of the people and the countryside sound wonderful...Wales, and GB in general are on my list of places to visit some day.
Have you tried grilling your pizza on the bbq? I just saw a recipe for that and think we may try it.

agg79 said...

Looks like everyone had a great weekend. Too much food, too much music, who could complain?

The trip to Wales sounds like a real adventure that your daughter will relish for years.

Rock Chef said...

tz - the kids still have a week and a half to go at school. Wales is well worth a visit - the cities tend to be a bit grim, but the countryside is spectacular. I have made bread rolls on a barbeque and want to try pizza sometime.

Agg79 - Who could complain - the neighbours perhaps? :-)

terri said...

Here it is, another weekend, and I'm just catching up with your previous one! Glad it was such a good one.

The barbecue DOES sound like a lot! But a beautiful day with family is good reason to celebrate, especially with good food.