Thursday, 21 July 2011

Holidays approaching...

Two days until my first lot of summer holiday!


I am off for 2 weeks - the first week is at home (so I might be able to make the odd post and check a few blogs) while the second week will be spent at our usual camping spot.

I hope the weather clears up by then, we have had nothing but cloud and rain for days...  Please send some nice weather over to England if you have too much where you are!

This year we will have 2 dogs with us.

Custard is a veteran camper:

But it will be Frou Frou's first time, and she is very different to Custard in temperament.

You can see in in the photo, can't you?  What will she think of having chickens, goats, bullocks and sheep everywhere?  At least she is used to rabbits and shouldn't worry too much about the wild ones that are all around the farm where we stay...

Anyway, just in case this turns out to be my last post before I finish, have a great summer, see you soon!


wReggie said...

Sounds like a fun plan to me.

Ms. ~K said...

How exciting!
Custard is amazing, male or female?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you'd like some of our weather, would you? How about 41 degrees (106 for me) and lost of sunshine? Maybe we could trade for just a day or two, each get what we want. Ms. ~K has dogs like Custard, my Tootie is like Frou Frou. Enjoy your holiday! We're off to the mountains in about a week, much cooler.

Rock Chef said...

wReggie - Hoping so!

Ms K - Custard is a boy. Everyone loves Custard!

Ninny - Sounds like a fair swap! The cloud seems to be breaking up already! Frou is Yorkie cross, but I think that Tootie is pure? Enjoy the mountains!

terri said...

Enjoy your time off! Hope you have great weather for camping. You'll be missed around blog world.

agg79 said...

Enjoy the time off with the family and dogs. Hope you have great weather on the trip.
Custard looks like he has a sweet camping bed.