Thursday, 7 July 2011

All Quiet on the Western Front

Last night passed without incident.  Late night patrols returned without encountering "Charlie".  Hopefully the war is coming to an end, and the troops will be home by Christmas.

My daughter has just set off on her Geography fieldtrip - off to Wales for a few days looking at cliffs, beaches and mountains.  She is really looking forward to it, and took plenty of supplies for midnight feasts with her friends.  They are so organised!  They have sorted a list of who is responsible for what drinks/snacks/chocolate/etc.  I bet the boys aren't as prepared.

Of course, we are a bit nervous about this trip - this is the furthest she has ever been from us!  Hah, most of you are parents - you know what it is like...


Today is a big day for us!  We are now officially debt-free! 

Woo hoo! 


New guitar - here I come!

And I also know I have the funds for my trip in 2013!



wReggie said...

Great on the pay off. I only owe on my home now.

James said...

Well done on the security front, sir!

We'll pay off the car in October, then we'll join you in Debt-Free Land!

Anonymous said...

The boys don't need to be organized. Once they see your daughter and her friends, they'll scream "Look, Susie and Jill (or whatever the heck their names are) have snacks and chocolate and treats and stuff! GIMME GIMME GIMME!"

You see, mooches don't need organization, just so long as the moochees (your daughter and friends) are organized and willing to share.

TechnoBabe said...

It is so good to hear a night passed with no pounced upon bunnies. Lets hope it stays that way.

Congrats on being debt free. More people should try it.

Rock Chef said...

wReggie - Thanks - and your position sounds better than most!

James - Woo hoo!

Wigsf - Hm, I am guessing that there are one or two boys who might be allowed to share...

TechnoBabe - They should indeed! But the more we pay off the more the bank wants to lend us!

Ms. ~K said...

A fieldtrip to Wales? Wow, sounds a lot more fun than taking a busload of first graders to the Atlanta Zoo, and trying to come home with all intact! :)

Just wondering if you have ever had a bun as an inside pet...all my pets end up inside...good thing I don't have a horse, huh? :)

Cinner said...

Congratulations on being debt free, that must be a huge relief. I won't know that feeling for a few years yet, but it is my goal. I am sure your daughter will have a fabulous time. take care. all the best.

terri said...

You've got the cats running scared now! Either that or you've just reinforced the perimeter so well that they are tired of trying to get in.

It's always the girls who have a plan for times like this. The boys know they can mooch from the girls if they are nice, so they don't bother.

Congrats on being debt-free! See you in 2013!!!

Rock Chef said...

Ms K - A neighbour of ours has a big rabbit that lives indoors, but I think our adults are too old to house train and we want to keep then together as a group. (Any boys are being snipped at the earliest opportunity!)

Cinner - It is a good goal and well worth working towards.

Terri - I know these girls - any boy who wants to mooch will have to be on the "nice" list already. Anyone else will be left to starve on the grounds that it might teach them to be nicer in the future. See you in 2013!

agg79 said...

Whoo-ah! Congrats on paying off the debt and getting rid of that albatross.

And your daughter sounds like she inherited a little of the explorer gene from her dad. It's good to see them growing up and starting to explore the world (just not too soon).

And keep manning the walls against the cat hords. This saga is turnning in to a classic battle of the Warren! Just keep throwing more peasants at them.