Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Met up with Mrs RC at lunchtime and had a quick trawl around the shops, picking up a few things for each of us - nice to just spend a bit of cash after our months of Spartan living...  Mrs RC is looking at small TVs as she wants to have one in the kitchen that can also connect to the PC that we have in there.

The surviving rabbits continue to thrive now that we have won the cat war.



They are more or less weaned now, but they still try to get a feed each evening, much to mom's annoyance.  We are going to get them sexed soon and then have any boys snipped to prevent further multiplication.

Finally, we have a royal visitor in the Uni today - Princess Anne is about 50 yards from where I am sitting.  She seems to be keeping the brass on their toes so I will settle down and get on with my work...


Pearl said...


Lovely bunnies. :-)


The Moody Minstrel said...

I saw these pics soon after having watched the old horror movie "Night of the Lepus" on YouTube. It kind of changed everything...

terri said...

Spending money without guilt is always such a great pick-me-up!

The bunnies are growing so fast!