Thursday, 14 July 2011

It could have been love...

Many years ago (I was probably 19?) I went to London to play a gig with a band that I was in.

While there I was going to meet a bunch of new people, and the others in the band had given me some quick background on the most important ones.

Anyway, we got there, set up the gear and did a sound check.  All was OK.

As I unplugged myself and thought about getting a drink, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen approached and introduced herself and started asking me about my guitar (a real beast that had been made specially for me at great expense).

We chatted, got a drink, chatted some more.  As we chatted I tried to remember what I had been told about this girl.  For one they hadn't warned me about how beautiful she was.  We are talking supermodel looks here, I do not exaggerate.  She must have been half Italian or something.  I was smitten.  Whatever they had told me can't have been important.

Anyway, there we were, chatting away about music, guitars, etc.  We seemed to be made for each other.

Until we were interrupted.  Another girl had arrived.  We were introduced.  And then the bombshell was dropped.

"She is my girlfriend."


The light went on.

Yes!  That is what they had told me about her!

My heart broke a little and I became a lot wiser that day.


Anonymous said...

Nowadays, looks can be deceiving. Upon meeting a (now very good) friend of mine for the first time, I thought she must be gay. Man clothes, butch hair-cut, masculine mannerisms. Turned out she was married with a son. She had been raised with a bunch of brothers out in the country and grew up a tom-boy. On another note, my daughter met her husband when she and her friends went to listen to his band play. He still plays (acoustic) guitar, except now it's classical not rock. (The tall hair spikes are gone, too, and his short hair has a lot more gray! Ha!)

Shrinky said...

Ha! She was probably with me at the time..

agg79 said...

I kept waiting for her to tell you "and my name used to be Bob".

Rock Chef said...

Ninny - You never can tell - probably easier with guys, though.

Shrinky - With your agency, you mean?

Agg79 - I don't think that would have phased me, to be honest!

The Moody Minstrel said...

That's when you start looking around for a hidden camera.

terri said...

Murphy's Law!

It really was for the best though. Had she been available to you and you two become a "thing", you surely wouldn't be where you are today.