Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sponsored Silence!

Today is my Sponsored Silence!  I have a bit of sponsorship at the moment but hope to drum up some more as the day goes on.  One of my plans is to charge when forced to speak.  It is a major deadline today so there are bound to be a lot of students needing help...

The winter seems to have been very long.  Just as the weather seemed to turn warm it has snapped back to a nasty, damp cold. 

I want spring! 

I want SUMMER! 

I want to go camping! 

I want to cycle in shorts and t-shirt!

I want to spend lunchbreaks sitting in the grounds of the Cathedral and play my guitar!

I want to talk to people.  This is hard!  I have only been doing it for 13 minutes too!

Just realised why this is so hard - I can't even talk to myself!


Getting into the swing of it now.  The students are being very supportive!


My day of silence draws to a close - I am exhausted!  Who would have thought that not doing something could be so tiring!  Managed to raise over £50, which I am very pleased with considering I did not chase anyone for sponsorship, it was all volunteered.

Already thinking about doing something like this again...


agg79 said...

If it is an official silence, does blogging or sending e-mails count? Personally, I would love to have a day of silence, but everyone seems to want my opinion on everything (like it matters).

And don't give up, yet! Spring is just around the corner. Just a few more weeks...

Anonymous said...

13 minutes. And you're supposed to do a whole day.

Good luck.

terri said...

Congrats on making it through the day! Kacey's boyfriend is participating in a fundraiser for Special Olympics this weekend. He's doing a Polar Bear Plunge - where they cut a hole in the ice on a lake and he has to jump in! Crazy, but a great fundraiser.

We have the same sort of weather pattern going on here to. It's warmer, it's cold again. It warms, then cold again. Now they are predicting another big dumping of snow early next week. Ugh.

TechnoBabe said...

When you do get to play guitar during your lunch break, do a video of the area and of you playing. Fun.

Scott said...

Sponsored silence--you have my admiration! I couldn't be silent for 13 minutes, not to mention a day!