Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Wednesday already and this is only my second post this week!


But in my defence, work has been hectic, home non-stop and my assignment is taking shape nicely.

So I hope I will be forgiven for skipping yesterday's post?

As well as making time to post, I need to make time to sit down with a guitar.  I have a song rattling around in my head - I think it is my own...  I have tried to look up the lyrics online but can't find anything, so now I just have to hope the tune is mine!  I remember the time I thought I had written a great song that turned out to be the same as one I had heard at a friend's house...  Anyway, the new song sounds sort of early Van Halen, and in my head I am singing it with Dave Lee Roth's voice!  Heh, wouldn't that be a trick?

Anyway, work is calling - I am getting packs of stuff ready for the fieldtrip to Malta.  I am not going this year, sadly, as I really like the place, for all its faults.  I love the sense of community that you get in the older parts.  One image that will stay with me is of a small street in Valletta (the capital city).  The street has a few small shops, but is mainly 4-5 storey apartment buildings.  An very old woman is leaning out of a top floor window.  She has a bucket on a long rope, and a guy from one of the shops is loading food into it.  When it is full she hauls the bucket up.  From later reading I found that this is a practice that goes back to the 18th century at least!  I love little things like this.

More soon!


tz said...

field trip to Malta? wow, you guys have some nice field trips. Love your description of the woman and the bucket, I can totally see it.

Shrinky said...

Oh stop showing off, at the rate you post I look like a sloth in comparison! The closest I've ever come to Malta was to supply staff to Air Malta, in London. Oooh, the tales I could tell of that volatile Maltese MD of the time..!

Sorry you are missing out on the trip, it sounds as though you have your hands pretty full right now. Looking forward to that song - too, too funny about that song you heard and later mistook for your own (grin).

Rock Chef said...

tz - Malta is a great place for a geography trip, and stupidly it is actually cheaper than doing something similar in the UK!

Shrinky - Hm, I can imagine what that guy was like - Maltese bosses seem to know what they want - or at least think they do!

TechnoBabe said...

Wouldn't it be nice to live in a place like that?
We don't have an upstairs but we use simple solutions to take care of our needs in this little hippie house. Glad your assignment is taking shape.

terri said...

You're forgiven. Although I do worry when you don't post and you haven't explained that you'll be away for some reason. Here I've been trying desperately to keep up with the post-a-day challenge and it's something you just do as a matter of habit!

Love the picture you've painted of the scene in Malta. I almost feel as if I'd seen it for myself!

Rock Chef said...

TechnoBabe - I think you have found a great place to settle - are you still buying that wonderful bread?

Terri - Aw, you worry about me? No need, I always bounce back!

agg79 said...

Only two posts? You're ahead of me, man.
Understand busy. Life/work has a way of ganging up on you, if you let it. Still, it beats the alternative (being bored).

Malta sounds like a place I would like to visit. Keep the glitzy, tourist traps. I prefer older, country haunts with real people/sites. Much rather explore old castles and hitorical sites.